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I am creating an affiliate site for one of my niches and I got so much attracted to a design from a certain marketer. I don't know the marketer neither does he know me. I wish to design something like his site's design, now my problem is, is it a good idea to try and copy his design or not? Would that be a bad thing for SEO?
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    You should not copy is the bottom line. How would you like working on a template for years and then someone copied you for free? Don't you mind?

    You can use the template as a guide for your own template, but copying it exactly should never be done!

    As for SEO, you'll hurt your own future ranking from the start...

    Bernard St-Pierre
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    Agreed, I wouldn't flat out copy his design. You can take inspiration from it though, and if you really feel badly about it you can always email him and ask if you can...

    Don't think that using the same design as another blog would hurt you SEO-wise, after all I'm sure that there are thousands of people using Socrates/Thesis/Genesis or whatever theme is the rage these days.
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    Use his design as a model. Like
    what other warriors here said
    don't copy it as is.
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    Never copy. Let it inspire you.
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    I'd say ask the marketer who's his designer.
    If you liked that design, there's a good chance you'll like his other works.
    You'll get a design you like without copying anything, it's a win-win.
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    Thank you guys for the advice, I will consider that, I think I am going to ask the marketer who his designer is. I really like the design...

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    maybe you can just copy it but change it up some like different colors, text , icons, photos ect.
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    Just use his template as inspiration, don't copy it at all. There are a lot of people who try to steal from others in this way and it's wrong. Just try to recreate a similar template, but make sure it's not too similar.
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