Viral Marketing... is this good..?

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Hi friend

Any body here using viral marketing to generate traffics..?
How to implement and get good traffics..?

Please share here

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    Yes it's good. But where the real money is, is usually illegal. So all of those people telling you they're making 20k a day can be, but if they're caught will be sued. Viral Marketing is still very profitable as well as legal but you wont see nearly those results. Here is a script I use for likes. It's great for viral marketing. BTW facebook is obviously the best for this at the moment.
    JavaScript - Facebook Traffic Pop | CodeCanyon
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      The best viral marketing technique is to provide content that's actually relevant and then spread it around a bit.

      Making infographics is a pretty good method, and then submitting to sites like reddit.
      I'm a web developer and iOS app developer - I'll make you a website or app!
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    Socializing and networking has brought people closer than ever before be it friends or relatives all of them can be accessed via the internet. Viral marketing is one of the cost free methods to promote a business transaction. Times as well as resources are easily available and accessible. It generates income various advertisements. It works solely on personal suggestions thus your credibility definitely has a chance to increase among your audiences. Also, you are recommended and shared by masses, adding to your brand image.
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    I recently did a press release that contained products related to a popular celebrity. Suffice to say this release was picked up by a popular fan site and a trickle effect began. First it went to just one other fan site, then five, then ten. Pretty soon we were receiving an avalanche of traffic within just 48 hours.

    It bounced from one fan site to the next to the next. Finally once it was all said and done our top 20 referrers for a three day period were these fan sites. Talk about going BOOM in a big way.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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