Looking for a simple, cheap autoresponder.

by Mac Wheeler 12 replies
Hi folks.

I am thinking about setting up a mailing list of my clients, so I can send them special offers from time to time.

I will only ever send around 1 mail a month, and no complicated stream of messages, just a simple mail letting them know what's on offer this month.

I've checked out AWeber and GetResponse, but I really don't think I want to pay the kind of money they are asking just to fire off a single email now and then.

All I really need is the ability to send and email, store the list and for recipients to be able to remove themselves from the list.

Any ideas?

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    Mac, I'd personally recommend a professional autoresponder solution like Aweber/Getresponse even if you only want to send your emails out once a month. This is because these services have a high deliverability rate and are reliable.

    If you choose to install an autoresponder software on your own hosting account to do this, sure, it'll be cheaper in the short run. But remember that most web hosts have a limit on the number of emails that you can send out per hour. Most hosts I've talked to limit it to 200 emails per hour. So if your customer base is large, it's probably not a good idea to run an autoresponder off your hosting account (unless you can arrange something through a dedicated server with your host).

    Hope that helps!

    ~ Sirius
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  • Hi Mac, I agree that the autoresponder is the most important investment that you can make. They work tirelessly to ensure that your messages get through and that means a lot of complexities that you'd have to do yourself. Any lesser optiion will probably cover your messages with adverts dilluting you message and confusing your customers.

    I think that Getresponse offer a free option that limits what you can do - that may help.

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    Hi, actually there are a number of scripts that can do this for you, without having to pay for a service,

    If you are not sending out a lot of emails, then you really dont need a
    " Rent a Script "

    here is one, there are literally hundreds of others,

    Infinite Responder - Free Autoresponder Script

    I have said this before, a lot of people believe that it is impossible to get email delivered, using your own installation of an auto responder script.

    the truth is that this opinion, is based on a selling point for hosted rent a script autoresponders.

    I know people who manage a list using Yahoo and have no problems with deliverability, period,

    If you have a large list and you want to send out emails every day or ever other day, then perhaps, a paid option looks good, to each his own.

    But people should be aware that there is a difference between sales hype and actual facts in evidence.

    Thousands of people use their own scripts on their own servers, and experience no problems with delivering email,

    If you doubt this for an instant, just consider how many spam emails you get every day, they dont seem to have a problem spamming...

    Why would you have a problem sending out your own email, using your own script, your not spamming, I just love dispelling myths, and this is one of the biggest myths on the internet.
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      if you want free autoresponder , freeautobot maybe correct with you..
      but there are ads in a footer ...
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        I would advise against free autoresponders - Perhaps it's just me, but if I subscribed to a newsletter and found it was from freeautobot and they had some spammy ad at the bottom it would not impress me very much. In the long run, always best to go for a professional touch - aweber and get response are the industry standard but there are many others about if you're prepared to look around.
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          There is a WSO at the moment from Les Gibbon offering a cheap service, you may want to check it out.

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