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Hi Friends,

I want to know How can I get my story in first page of digg. I am having 200 diggs and not able to find at-least in top 10 pages.

How can I proceed to get my story in top page ?

Help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.
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    I highly recommend trying over at instead

    digg is not nearly what it once was... plus reddit advertising is pretty cool, you should research it a bit.
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    Buying Diggs is not enough to get your page promoted on the top pages. There are other factors. One big factor is the users who Digg your post. You need to be well connected- add friends, promote popular pages, Digg other peoples submissions, etc.

    If the people who Digg your post always Digg other pages that never get additional Diggs, it won't really matter. They can tell when people are trying to manipulate the system.

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    The best way to get a post to the top of any of those sites like digg or reddit is to have an AMAZING post that climbs it's way naturally. Trying to "cheat" the system usually doesn't work because naturally interesting posts will overwhelm any attempts you make. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks for starting this thread. I am also trying for the last 1 year. And my diggs are more than 1000 but I never seen my story in the first place and never got a single click from that.

    Hope some will help.
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