Site Conversion Mistakes - Do You Do These Too?

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I received an e-mail from a desperate person the other day.

Her website exists for five months, has around 170 visitors daily, but only two sales so far. She is short of money, and asked me how she could increase the conversion rate to sell more.

So, I checked her website, and answered what noticed. And asked her permission to share my experience related to her site, as follows here.

* Site loading time was long (revealed: because of big pictures). The developer told her that a picture replaces a thousand words. And she prefer images to text.

I'm fine with that, but not many people have the patience to wait for long to see your site. So, it is better to reduce the 800 pixels wide pictures smaller.

* Content readability was difficult, tiring to my eyes. As you know, the white letters are hard to read with dark background. And... the long pharagraphs! Phew!

If I faced with similars, I click away in no time - despite the fact that the content would be interested for me. I guess I'm not alone with this. This may be true for others as well. So, my advice was to change colors and shorten pharagraphs.

* About me page and her photograph were missing - despite the fact that she prefer the pictures. As she said through e-mail correspondence, she didn't consider it important so far.

"You want to hide something?" - I asked. If no, then make your about page. Your visitors are curious, want to know from whom they buy. Should not be an essay, just a brief introduction with some data.

* Privacy policy page was missing. She put a squeeze page up with a freebie. There is a "We Appreciate Your Privacy" sentence. But... that isn't enough nowadays, as we know.

People are distrastful, and there is often a reason for it. So, it is advisable to compile your 'privacy policy' page. As I know, it is required nowadays.

- the Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices
- the California Online Privacy Protection Act
- the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
- Trust Guard Privacy guidelines
- the CAN-SPAM Act
- Google Adsense / Adwords Privacy Policy requirements
and more!

* Content and offer were a bit unrelated to each other. (I promised not to uncover her name and niche.)

I'd mention only, you need to build up your sales funnel wisely. For as an example, if your niche is men face beauty treatment, you can offer shaving kit, shaving foams, creams, aftershave, and so on.

But a woman's depilatory machine may be suitable for another audience, I think. In other words, do your due diligence, research and know your market first. Or make another site and sales funnel for that other audience.

Perhaps you realize now, that product selling - either offline or online - depends on how you are able to sell yourself first. Under this I mean your realationship building and trust gaining ability. Trust can be obtainable, but you need to invest some effort.

I hope, you are wise, and free from these mistakes.

Have a nice weekend,

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