How do I put an opt-in Conf Link in a personal email?

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I am hoping to benefit from your experience with opt-in emails. I have an off line consulting business and want to be able to add an opt in to my follow-up emails to people I have personally met. I don't want to make them sign up on a subscription form since they have already spoken with me and given me a business card.

Is it possible to do this? How?

Thanks for any assistance.

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    If you can get them to email you - you can have them opt-in automatically.

    How Can Someone Subscribe to My List By Email? :: AWeber Knowledge Base

    If you don't want to ask them to email at - get an email like and forward its emails to

    Hope that makes sense.
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      Thanks, Webfighter, but I'm currently using Imnica and I can't see any way to send email addresses to my list except through a subscription form on my website. I am looking for some alternative method before deciding to switch autoresponders.

      Any suggestions? Anyone?
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    Actually, if I give you my business card during a polite "exchange" of information - it doesn't mean I gave you the right to put me on any kind of mailing list of yours! And no autoresponder company would accept that as legitimate "subscription".

    Some offline guys learned that in the hard way: either by me reporting them to the proper authorities or by bombarding them (and their list if they were dumb enough to use the CC field in their own mailing software) with obscene, cursing messages

    You may want to rethink that plan of yours...

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      Istvan: I intend to be totally compliant legally. What I wanted to know is if I send a "nice to meet you" personal email to someone I've met at an event , can I ask if they would like to receive my newsletter and place an opt in link in that customized email? They have the choice to opt in or not.

      Is this ok to do?
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    I am looking for some alternative method before deciding to switch autoresponders.

    Any suggestions?
    1st suggestion: read my reply above
    2nd suggestion: before "switching" make sure they let you add subscribers manually (that's what you want to do, and no decent AR will let you do it)

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    OK without getting into whether you would be better to use a contact form you want your link to look like this:
    <a href="mailto:email me to your list&body=Yes I really want your newsletter">subscribe</a>
    (without the line breaks)
    To do this in gmail I type everything after the @ into the link address box including the final " (but not the opening one)
    Other programs may vary
    This is not robust as some people's email programs won't be configured to open, but it does give them two click subscription

    Different mailing companies will tolerate different proofs. One speaker I know got approval by faxing copies of the business cards she had collected to prove personal contact (Unlike Istvan's experience the people giving her cards knew they were subscribing to a list).
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