My 3 Favorite Hot Spots For Finding The Best Niches - ***Share yours!!!!

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One of the most important skills you can ever learn in this business is how to find those golden nugget niches. If you can dig out those micro-niches or up and coming trends, you can set yourself up for easy success.

Low competition markets with a rising traffic trend is just a fun market to hop into... trust me. I do it all the time.

It's not hard at all. It just takes a little bit of digging... and digging in the right places.

That's what this post is about. Here are my 3 favorite places to find super lucrative niches.

Amazon Bestsellers - Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

Some of the easiest niches to find are in the physical product realm. Everyday there are new products created. Everyday new trends or fads begin. You will never run out of new lucrative niches because of this.

Amazon Bestsellers shows you exactly whats selling right now. You can tell what's hot and on the rise by looking at the arrow next to each product. This shows you if it's moving up or down the bestseller list and how long it's been on the list.

Look deep into each category to find the real gems that haven't been touched.

PageData - PageData - Facebook page metrics from Inside Network

This site is absolutely amazing. If you are into social media marketing at all, this is going to be your favorite tool ever.

This tool gives you metrics on Facebook pages, interests, etc. With how hot Facebook marketing is right now, you can't go wrong with this tool. This tool is responsible for a couple profitable fan pages for me.

Make sure to go to the Pages Leaderboard. Top Gainers Today and Top Gainers This Week will give you an idea of what's rising the fastest.

Google Insights - Google Insights for Search

My next favorite spot to find new lucrative niches is Google Insights. The simple metrics this platform offers is an amazing tool to find hot hot niches.

If you are building an authority niche site, Google Insights is perfect for finding those up and coming topics that are great to jump on now. This site has shown me multiple hot trends that have generated great traffic.

I just created a video on it the other day. Check it out if you want to see how I go through this site to find these niches...

I'm always interested in learning about more great places to find hot lucrative niches...

Where do you find your money niches?

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    This may be a bit off topic but is there a way to see HOW MANY facebook ads already exist for a given topic? It'd be nice to know that a hot topic isn't already saturated by the quicker minds.



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    no such thing as satuation MrIMVO.

    I hate when people say that.

    if you see something is popular, its safe to say there are people making some good money off it and its time to get off your arse and put yourself infront of the money train and take your chuck of the pie so to speak.

    Go to where the money already is, do not hop in a niche you think will do well....dont reinvent the wheel that never worked well for anyone.
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    Thank you for sharing Page Data. Looks like an amazing way to find niches.
    Sandra Sims

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    Not sure if this is really for finding niches, but I have gotten some good ideas of services that are really in demand and people are willing to pay for on craigslist listings requesting gigs (SF bay area all gigs classifieds - craigslist)
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    The local newsagent. There was one instance recently where three niche magazines (one from the US, one from the UK and one from Australia) all had an article on the same topic. Similarly, a new niche specific magazine was released at the same time in the US and UK, and I'm tapping into that one. There are some good ideas in those magazine racks.

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    These sound like some great ideas, thanks for the post!
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