How to create a video for youtube?

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I want to create a video in youtube to drive traffic to my site. can anyone suggest how can i make one on my own and what kind of tools i need to you to make my video look professional?
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    I uses screen flow ,for making my videos ,
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    Hi Jimmy,

    You need a couple of studio lights, a green screen, a piece of software to replace the green screen with a background image, and a camera.

    I'm using Flip Mino which is one of the smallest HD camcorders on the market, and the software I'm using for replacing green screen is called Green Screen Zipper.

    For a few hundred bucks initial investment you'll get really professional videos!

    Hope this helps,

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    Make a step by step slide show program on Powerpoint, with voice to guide audience.

    Now convert this slide show into video by using Window Movie Maker.

    After this when you satisfy with this video, Make a account on Youtube.

    Now you upload it on the site.

    Hope these steps help you more.

    All the Best!

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      Some good suggestions here - but if you are cash-strapped, just go with Camstudio and the Open Office version of Powerpoint (called "Impress" I think). All free stuff!
      Some other free alternatives as well.

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    Video Charge Studio is quite ok too.
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    Camtasia rocks.

    I learnt the whole program within a day. its awesome and probably one of the most valuable pieces of software I own.
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      As Zaheera said so well:

      Make a step by step slide show program on Powerpoint, with voice to guide audience.
      Now convert this slide show into video by using Window Movie Maker.

      I think there are 2 parts to your question:

      1) How to create a YouTube video?

      Here is my quick answer, low budget alternative. Use the free Windows Movie Maker or Windows live movie maker, an upgraded version and also free.

      Mac users also have a free movie software.

      There tons of tutorials on how to use this free software to make professional looking videos. You can shoot a number of pictures and then add text to the slides, to get your message accross.

      Just add the pics to the timeline on the software and you have an instant video. (Make sure you add text to some of the slides)

      Or you can just use a cheapo video camera like a
      Flip to record an action video if you wish. You can add text right onto the video...

      But video slide shows look great and are easy to produce.

      You can record an audio background for your video using the free Audacity.

      While you can't do lots of editing with the Windows movie maker software, you add some very snappy transitions, and effects. and you can add an audio track very easily.

      They look great and professional.

      (I have Camtasia and it is great! But sometimes I just use the Windows Movie maker to make a quick video..)

      The second part of your question is:

      2) How do I drive traffic with your video?

      Believe me, just because you make a video, does not meant anyone will want to watch it. This is especially true if it is a promo video for your website or offer.

      And if is your first video, your YouTube Channel could be a Video wasteland...

      Your video needs to be more than just an ad or promotion....

      You need to add some purpose to your video. You need to give people a reason to want to watch your video!

      After shooting and posting dozens and dozens of all types of videos, here is my best advice.

      When you make your video, give it a "how to" spin. People (and Google) love "how to" videos. This can be a "how to" related to your offer or loosely related to your website...

      Of course you must add the name of your site in the title, in the credits and in the video description. You want to make sure you promote your site in your video...

      And take advantage of that video description on You Tube. Many marketers ignore this extremely valuable piece of You Tube Real Estate!

      These "how to" videos are seen as having a very high percieved value. And if your video is good you will get thousands of views. Thousands!

      And Google loves these videos!

      That is exactly what I did to get over 1/2 million views for one of my videos.

      (I got so many views that Google asked me to be a Google Partner and wanted to show ads on my video, but that is for another post....)

      But listen:

      "How to" videos work. You of couse want to promote your website or offer in your video several times, but putting in a "how to" spin, is the single most important way to get eyeballs to your video!

      And once you have one "how to" video that works, the "how to" video will be driving traffic to all of your other videos. No joke!

      Believe me: this works!

      Please let us know how you make out with your video.
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    Use Camtasia but before that you need to keep all your resource ready so that it becomes easy and handy to work with .

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    You can Camtasia or even Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to make a video if you want.
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      Do you have a smart phone with a camera? Boom.
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    I use ScreenFlow to record my videos, and my own home-produced music to add a vibrant effect to the videos.
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    To start off with, if you want to record your screen (for a powerpoint slideshow or a walkthrough of a program for example) then Camtasia has a free tool called Jing (google it). The videos are limited to 5 minutes but that is not such a bad thing.

    Try and upgrade to Camtasia when you can as this is a superb all round program both for screen recordings and editing video clips and stills together in a professional looking way.

    I bought a Kodak Zi10 HD mini camcorder (the successor to the popular Zi8 which even 'Video Boss' Andy Jenkins raved about) for less than $150. This is a superb bit of kit. This also comes with some free editing software which is basic but good to get started with. If this is out of budget then maybe you have a semi-decent webcam on your computer to record talking head clips?
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    Depends if you want to screen capture or have 'live' footage?
    Do you have an iPhone? The Iphone4 and now the 4s are awesome for video.
    The 4s has 1080p def (like the zi8) and is connected so you can upload to youtube quickly,
    you can even edit on the phone with imovie and there are some cool apps to make your videos stand out. I own 2 flips, a zi8 and a playtouch but right now the iphone4s is my main camera for video marketing.
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      Nobody's mentioned it, but I use Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. in place of either Camstudio or Jing. For some weirdo reason, ever since I got my new computer w/Win 7, neither Jing nor Camstudio want to work for me. They both keep locking up my computer system. So I use this online program instead; don't have to download any more software.

      I'm a behind-the-scenes person; do not like being in front of the camera myself, and so I haven't invested in all kinds of expensive stuff like green backdrops and a studio lightbox.

      But here's how I do my videos; it's a multistep process depending on the type of video...

      If my PowerPoint has animations on each slide:
      1. Set up the PowerPoint slide show including any transitions or animations
      2. Record audio separately in Audacity (I always need to edit my audio and it's easy to do that with this program)
      3. Play the slideshow in ppt and playback the audio so I can set up the slide timings to the audio
      4. Once that's all done, I play the slideshow with the audio and record it as a screen capture with Screencast-o-matic.

      If the PowerPoint only needs slide transitions but no animation on the slides:
      I skip step #4 and just drop everything into Windows Movie Maker and set up the slide timings there.

      Or you can also pay someone to do it for you.
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    There's two main types of videos you can make. A live one where you talk to the camera, or a powerpoint-type one with over the shoulder how to videos. Sometimes you can combine both. If you do the live type, you obviously need a video camera and then shoot yourself talking. If you go for the powerpoint-style ones, you need either powerpoint if you are on PC or Keynote if you are on Mac. To do screen capture for over the shoulder type videos, use Camtasia on PC or Screenflow on Mac.
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    I use powerpoint or Once made on, download it to my computer and then upload it to youtube or anywhere else you want.
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    Depends on what type of video you want to make My interest typical run in the area of tutorials o some sort like web design. For this kind of stuff I find that Camtasia is the best option because I Can do screen captures so I can demonstrate how to use the software I also use Youtube for entertainment purposes for instance it's entertaining to look up videos about women shooting large guns. One day while searching related topics I discovered that gun related videos get a surprising number of views. I like the shooting sports myself so I did a search for 1911 the colt 1911 was the issue sidearm for the military for many many year and the 1911 to this day enjoys a huge following. Me doing a search on Youtube for "1911" was just simply idle curiosity. I was genuinely surprised at the number of views the videos were getting. SO if you want o make a video of something like shooting watermelon you just need a video camera o some sort like your phone and a big memory card. Once you have your video then you are still going to want some sort of editing software. this is where Camtasia beomes a really good choice. It not only does the screen capture stuff but is also an excellent editing software. in addition to that it integrates with PowerPoint. As far as bang for your buck you can't beat it Camtasia is worth the cost find it as an academic software if you can.
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    I'd have to suggest using Camtasia. It's easy to use and gets the job done right.
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