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one of my new website is already started getting nice traffic , google analytics say that Bounce Rate is at 3.68% and 1:50 average time on site.

i think you can't get it lower than that !
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    Wow, that's lower than average. I have several websites. My lowest bounce rate is around 30% while the highest is 90%
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    Wow, only 3.68%! My lowest isn't below the 5%. You've probably got engaging top notch content. I have found that adding video reduces the bounce rate exponentially.
    Engaging first paragrash + nice related design = lower bounce rate.

    I can still remember of one of my websites some years ago, with about 87% bounce rate. My content and design was terrible, I still keep laughing whenever I think on that website lol
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    I've just launched a site (in my sig) and that has a bounce rate of 75%. Can't work out why? But gotta get to work at getting that down. Turning away hundreds of sign ups for some reason?
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    I'd say if its only 3.68% leave it alone thats awesome. is it converting at all?
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    My best Bounce rate on one of my sites is


    2.11 Minutes average time on site.

    It has lots of informational videos on it and is very personal although it could do with revamping it but with those stats I wont mess with it.

    kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
    Amz Training Academy

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    Thats an incredible bounce rate, very nice job!
    My sites have between 30-50% bounce rate, i really need to look further into that.
    Your one-stop shop for all written content.

    Visit us at XYZcontent.com
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