Re-Package vs. Re-Hash

by Toniy
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Hey all

Lovely warm weekend... got me to thinking

I've seen a lot of products in my time, WSO and otherwise... I've also read a lot of comments... a LOT of comments.

Now to be fair, the quality of comment revolving around IM products is generally a few steps up from what you'd find on YouTube and Imdb... but there are a few that still make me think '... mate, just... come on...' :p

Someone will review a product, that provides the same information they've seen / heard / read in another product.

They'll then get upset and leave a bad review like 'This is just a re-hash of >some other product<'

At other times however, you'll get a twist on this timeless classic:

'It's a well repackaged version of the info you'd find in >some other product<'

Now I get the difference, but I don't buy that many products... so I'm asking those of you with a lil' more experience than me...

What makes you think 'Rehash'?

What makes you think 'Huh, well repackaged'?

Insights are appreciatevely welcomed

Good weekend guys and girls.

#rehash #repackage
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    Hi Adam,

    This is only my take on it, I'm sure others will have their own opinion.

    Rehash = "I've known this stuff for years, and believe it to be common knowledge based upon my experience. I've read this 1,000 times before."

    Repackage = "I have already seen this product, but the new cover, name and sales letter fooled me for a while. I can compare Product A and Product B and see they are basically the same thing, albeit in different wrappers."

    Another way to look at:

    Rehash = Subjective opinion.
    Repackage = Objective observation.

    Yep, that's my take on it.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    One man's treasure is another man's trash.

    Experienced marketers should realize that even though they have seen something before, there may be others who are less experienced that could really benefit from certain "basic" or beginner information.

    To say something is a "rehash," in my mind, is not very helpful. A reviewer would provide more useful information if he would explain that the information being reviewed is "basic" and is best suited for those who are just starting out.

    By providing an example or two of what a product contains, the reviewer could help his readers to judge for themselves whether the information fits their experience level.

    But in the end, "buyer beware" always applies - if a sales letter or product description doesn't give the buyer enough information to judge whether the product is for him . . . I would advise to not make the purchase.

    Never rely on a review alone.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi Adam,

    I feel you.

    It's all down to perception.

    I think it's lame to just rewrite the same information in different words without adding any new experience/knowledge - but some people will do that. Writing about how to do something that you've never successfully done yourself is probably what makes up 80% of most IM products.

    Some people will say that's ok - some people will think it's new or not have read it before.

    nothing to see here.

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    Michael Oksa - That's a really interesting take on it Michael, I didn't think of it that way. I was (and suppose I still am) of the opinion that the 're-package' was actually closer to a compliment.

    At least a positive remark... as in 'yes it's the same kind of information, but it's presented differently, it's got a few videos and it explains this element in more detail'.

    I was also thinking more along the lines of when one marketer has a very similar product to another... so we're talking about two products by two separate marketers. Possibly I should have mentioned that earlier :p All the best to you too, sir.

    Steve B - I agree completely. The reviews generally aren't helpful if they're just labelling a product with a derogatory statement like 're-hash'. This was I suppose my ultimate point...

    When folks are just getting into this (which hundreds are every day), they NEED the old stuff, the foundation principles, to get a good footing to build their knowledge on. This is what was bugging me about 'rehash' comments... sure you've seen it, but this guy hasn't and you just made it look like a rip off!

    Again, if you're seeing a guy re-presenting an old idea (which pretty much everyone has to...), then give credit where credit is due, rate it on the quality... or just respectfully shut up :p

    This is why so many folks are scared to release a product. They think they need a brand new concept or idea, but they really don't. Just find a market segment, determine how sophisticated the market is, and present your ideas without copy and pasting

    Andyhenry - Really good point, following on with my thoughts precisely. Leading on from what I was saying in response to Steve above... although many folks are too scared to put out a product... many of those who do, fall into the trap of 'copypasting'...

    And you're right, for some people it will still provide value... it's information that is new and useful to them, at that time and that place. Sure it exists somewhere else, but they may never have found it if it wasn't for that product.

    But then it comes down to personal philosophy... are you a quick-buck marketer or a long-term businessman?

    Because many folks do make a good product by compiling existing information without experimenting themselves... from sort of a 'reporter' angle. To do this well obviously you need to say 'I've done some research and here's what I've found'... the value being a synopsis of what are hopefully the best methods or whatever.

    However if this is what you've done and are fooling folks into thinking it's your idea... there's something a little hollow about that.

    Sure it's tough and I know people say 'go ahead and make a product, it's not tough, it doesn't need to be perfect'.

    But for people like me, I want my products to break new ground, I want them to have something new to say. I know there are technically no new ideas... but new perspectives are everywhere.

    Some people don't want to put the effort into trying their product out and would rather make their money selling the WSO and hoping no one catches them out.

    I'd rather talk from experience. Makes the sales letter easier too

    Basically I think I'd read a comment about one product being a 'repackage'... mentioning Perry Marshall, Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy... essentially the biggest names in IM, yet all using the same ideas

    I don't know because I've actually not focused much on their products, but if that's what these guys are doing, then a repackage can't be a bad idea.

    It's just tough to tell between those who are saying the same thing because they do the same things in their daily business and succeed with it... and the folks who just copy and paste
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  • All you need to add is your opinion and experience. This what creates a new product from old ideas.
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    Rehash: Same product, no difference, minus the experience..

    Repackaged: Same product, with differents twist, tricks and ideas from the new guy... Sometimes great ideas can evolve from classic marketing methods..

    thats my take on this

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    rehash: "I already have heard this before, but I've yet to actually implement it and it's probably what's preventing me from achieving success (oooh, shiny object over there!)"



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    Chris - I feel the same way Chris, cheers... I think you've said it perfectly. I think adding something of yourself into your creations is where the true value lies. I mean you can't beat having someone sit down next to you and walk you through something, or explain a new concept... if you can do that in written / video / audio form, you've got something good going

    Suthan - A great take in my opinion I think that's useful knowledge to have from the guys who are thinking about getting into product creation... never underestimate the power of a new guy

    Jason - Ha! Yeah... I know that one :p Do you think there was ever anyone who didn't suffer from shiny object syndrome at one stage or another? Took me about a year to get over mine...
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      Originally Posted by Toniy View Post

      Jason - Ha! Yeah... I know that one :p Do you think there was ever anyone who didn't suffer from shiny object syndrome at one stage or another? Took me about a year to get over mine...
      I still fight it I just relegate it to experiments on the side.


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  • Profile picture of the author Toniy
    Oh hey I like that reframing right there

    "... no, no dude... I haven't just 'bought another course', I'm still totally focussed on the other thing... it's just an experiment."

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    I don't see any difference in rehash and repackage. One's just a slightly less negative word for the same thing IMO.
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  • Profile picture of the author Toniy
    That would be the difference then

    I know a lot of folks will be quick to cry 'semantic bull****!' but in actual fact it's a pretty important disctinction to make, especially if you're writing copy.

    Rehash sounds like a string of articles (or worse, a product / WSO etc.) collated and thrown together. After some thought you really can tell the difference.

    The author's always very careful not to say 'I find' or 'I got' or 'I anything'... because clearly THEY had no experience with it whatsoever.

    A repackage is still kind of a cheap way to put out a product but at least they're trying, you know? You might find something new in there, or something better presented, easier to understand... or maybe one guy swears in his video and the other doesn't... same info you've found before, but a different take perhaps.

    It's never going to set the world on fire... but with people being the way they are, sometimes that's all it takes to put together a decent product...
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