Would this idea actually make a hundred dollars a day (after the full year of product creation)???

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Hi there is an affiliate program that actually hosts multiple ClickBank products (one domain for the affiliate program of several different domain's products).

One of them is the famous "Guy Gets Girl ebook" guygetsgirl dotcom

Other products on that site are about "male enlargement", and similiar subjects.

Each site looks like it would make some money... my question to those experienced marketers out there is how much is a website network like this making?

I can write quality content without writer's block, and if I were to create my own "guy gets girl" kind of eBook it would be more than the 60ish pages that one is because I believe in delivering value to people who buy from me (mostly so they'll buy more stuff from me).

I was wondering if guygetsgirl dotcom actually creates a hundred dollars a day for it's owners.

Clearly no one really knows for sure other than the owners... but from the experience of those who have made money online do you think it's likely?

With my writing ability, and determination to get stuff done, and my computer abilities; it would be so easy for me to make my own "girl getting guide" as well as the other products, and wrap them up in a way so that affiliates see each product on my affiliate product network (which is really a "sub network" among clickbank of course).

If an affiliate of one site checks out the affiliate area and sees A TON OF PROMO MATERIAL including A TON OF ARTICLES that they can use to promote the product themselves... and the the commission percentage for them is extremely high... is it really that simple to get your own affilaite army or is there so much more to it?

I may be a "newbie" but i'm dedicated to succeeding.

Unlike people who fail to make stuff happen, i have been writing articles, i've been actually taking action... but i have a long term strategy i think will make me a bunch of money but it's extremely long term and i was wondering what success would be likely for me if i was able to make my own similiar products to those on the pdcash.com affiliate product network which uses CB as a affiliate management platform basically.

Sorry for the long windedness.... should just go to show everyone who reads this that i'm actually SERIOUS about this and i'm not going to take your advice like a grain of salt... i'm seriously looking for advice and i will seriously take the time to comprehend what you suggest.

I'm a do-er not a dreamer... but i'd like to do what will make me a bunch of money quick and i think maybe this would make a bunch of money quicker than my long term strategy; as well as being a residual income stream.

Basically i'm thinking i should create a product like those every month for the next year and see what happens.

Thanks for your time (and once again apologies for the long windedness).
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    There is really no way of knowing what any one site makes. You can make judgements on it and say they do. However with out knowing the actual amount of traffic the site is getting. How many affiliates they have working for them. Or even how many refunds they are actually getting. It is just a gussing game.

    Now making the 100 a day is easy in the contest of doing it with content. If you can product content then you have problem one already solved. I hate creating content my self but I do know I have to do it. So I outsource 75% or more of this work.

    Also with you having the ability to write as you say. Then you should do just fine. Creating your own products. I can tell you from experience that the how to get a girl/guy to like you is a pretty hot niche and has done well for me in the past. The trick is you need to make sure you have some good copyrighting skills besides just writing skills. As copyrighting skills will take you further in this field then anything else.

    Ofcourse this is just my opinion and many others may dis agree with me. Either well you have the one nail in the head taken care of with the ability to write. Here is what I suggest to you. If you can write well and alot. If the site uses cb as their affiliate vendor. Then why not test the waters your self to see. Pick a domain geared around that product. Set it to redirect to your affiliate link. Then head over to eza and create 50 or so articles around that product. If it makes you personally 100 a day with in a month then you know it is making the site owner well over 100 a day.

    Best of luck hope this helps.
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