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Hey there I have a few questions and would like to discuss it with all of you

Ok I am going to upload my to uploadnsell soon on two niche before end of this year before December because I have a test coming up so I am just going to focus on my test first.

Anyway, just wondering how long is your info product? There are some views stating the shorter the better but I think it's the other way round. Some products are short and I feel they lack in value and should elaborate more to get the mind flowing with examples and ideas. I am making my books long with some great examples and elaboration while maintaining quality.

How long is your products and I am just wondering how long?

I am taking up a month or two for my two products (I am taking my sweet time because I am not rushing) and I am trying to aim for fifty page mark with minimal image fillers and full of information provided.

I am trying not to think about money but instead think of it as providing users with satisfaction that the only guide they need in that topic is mine since I provide abundant info. I guess that's the best way to start being credible and reputable
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    Hi Brandon,

    I see you're new to the forum. Welcome!

    That 50 pages you're aiming for is probably too much. The page length is irrelevant. The size of your book should be based on the solution you're offering and nothing more. This first product should be very affordable. Then, create a very detailed solution with possibly videos and use for an upsell, one time offer (OTO).

    It's very challenging to sell an expensive e-book. You want buyers on your list that will spend something on your product so you an uipsell or sell to them later.

    Think of it this way, those infomercials on TV simply cannot sell a $19.95 product and pay for that expensive TV advertising. They all have a backend product to upsell to.

    Although off topic, if you want joint ventures you'll almost be required to offer an OTO with a commission split to make it worth their time for a relatively unknown marketer.

    Good luck!
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      I see that page length is not the issue but I think dennism is definitely right about writing page length based on the topic. Maybe I should cover more topics which I did in one of the book (estimated 60 pages or more) and the other one is shorter like (estimated 20 pages now with the ideas I had). I am trying to cover more relevant topics and offer my customers more than my competitors to get them to me while maintaining a lower offer. There are times when I buy the product and they are informative but in the end there are some parts where they lack info or elaboration, that's where I come in to give my own better solution to offer.
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    You dont judge a product based on whether its short or long.

    Its about- what promises you say in the salespage should be fully and clearly explained in the product..

    Your customers are not going to care about less pages or more pages.. they are just going to care whther your product delivered whats said in the sales page.

    you give them what you say in the sales page - its all good. :-)

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    I create some of my product and professional buyer. And it is my preferences of good product.

    For low ticket items: $7 - $37
    • Solve one very specific problem with very specific solution,
    • Provide instant gratification.
    • Short enough that I can read or watch in one sitting,

    Ex: Setup membership site in 6 minutes or less using free software by Jason Fladlien.
    Problem solved: membership creation using free software.
    Instant gratification: your membership site done in 6 minutes

    For high ticket items: $97 and more
    • Drip content so I'm not overwhelmed (when I overwhelmed I don't take action at all)
    • Option to pay in installments.
    • Solving all problem with all possible solution in one niche

    Ex: Membership cube by Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro
    Problem solved: how to create all type of membership site, marketing it, creating content for your membership in a single day, etc...
    what you get: how to setup your membership site, how to create content, how to drip feed, how to monetize it, etc...

    Taking more time doesn't mean that you'll create better product imo. It will instead allow your competitor to show up and take large chunk of market before you.
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      I get this question a lot. I call it the "how long is a piece of string question" because it has no definite answer. The best answer is: It's long enough to teach what you're teaching, but no longer than that.
      Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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        Originally Posted by Kevin Riley View Post

        I get this question a lot. I call it the "how long is a piece of string question" because it has no definite answer. The best answer is: It's long enough to teach what you're teaching, but no longer than that.
        You hit the nail on the head Kevin.

        Another consideration is the target market.

        If it's for beginners, then you'll have more explaining to do
        since most of your customers won't have the appropriate context
        to understand the strategies and tactics. So you'll have to
        give more backgrounder and additional information.

        However, for expert products you can go straight to the
        juicy part of the process.

        If you are planning to launch your product via WSO be clear
        right on the offer who's your target market. That way people
        will know from the start if the product is right for them.
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          I also agree with Kevin.

          Me personally, I've read so many ebooks that I have come to TRULY appreciate cutting through the fluff and getting to the stuff. If it ends up being real short but with a lot of good content, I'm sold and would be a fan of yours.

          Good luck with the projects!

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          Yeah I guess I can't please everyone so there are two types of people I guess I should please along the way "non-newbies who wants answers straight" and "newbies who need to know basics". So in thinking of this solution how to please both parties, I can just do one thing which is to introduce a sneak peak at my sales page which also serves as a reference as to where they can skim through to get a specific answer they are looking for. I saw one of the sales page which did so and I got the ebook they had and it was pretty useful! I think pleasing both parties would be better although more effort have to be put into the book to make it so.
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    Brandon, I'm more and more thinking products should be terms of pages 25 -30 pages.
    Assuming that will cover the topic you've chosen. And if it needs to be a lot longer, it may pay to narrow the topic even more, rather than expand the size.

    I think Rob Howard's comments about this product size issue are relevant here:

    Bruce Newmedia
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      going along with what suther was saying.. some of the best content is just the simple kind. clear and straight forward.. doesnt even have to look that great.. there have been case studies to prove this fact.
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    It really depends, as Kevin has so succinctly put it, how long it takes for you to provide a solution to the problem that you're promising to solve.

    Another way of thinking about it is that if at the end of the book, your customer is satisfied that you have provided sufficient or more value for what was paid, then it's long enough.

    Recently I bought an ebook that was $27 and about 50 pages long. It was well written and the information highly valuable, so I would consider it a steal at the price.

    I bought another ebook some time ago that I paid $67 for, this one was more than 100 pages long and again, very well written and high value delivered. Both extremely good buys in my opinion.

    On the other hand, I bought many a $7 ebook that was 100-200+ pages long but was mostly a whole lot of fluff and very little real value.

    Bottom line is, size doesn't matter, and if your customer gauges it as such then they're in the minority. You can't please everyone.
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