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:confused:I have set up my website for about 3 months now, i have join an affliate market and have google ads on the site but i have not started making money on the site. Can somebody help by putting me through on what to do in other to start generating income from the site. The URL is
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    Copyscape reveals that your content is not original.

    You will not get traction with old content.

    Write unique original articles and get links from relevant places. The link to the affiliate book is broken.

    You will need thousands of visits a day to make money from adsense. Try and sell one product per page perhaps.
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      Need Try and Error to get best result...

      try to fill fresh content and review affiliate product to get first earning from your website ...
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      It takes time and it takes tweaking. Original articles are great, but they're not the be all and end all. Try reviewing or adding your own comments / introduce articles on your site ... that link off to the the source of the articles. Perhaps. But at this point, you may do well with a blog and a Squidoo Homepage lens to complement your efforts to promote your site. It's about massive action buddy, and NEVER give up no matter what!

      Author: How to Turn A Dull Article Into A BLOCKBUSTER! Blog::

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    This is going to be ugly, but honest. You site looks like five year old on meth put it together. None of your text or ads line up with the background. You're blog roll has a bunch of stuf that your audience won't care about. Why would they care about an "Affiliate book" or "Plugins"? And that's not including everything that James pointed out.

    To me you're building a site from your point of view not from the customers. You're looking at it as an easy way to make money. Put up site, throw in some articles, and let's roll in the cash. You customer is looking at it as essentially website spam that's not worth their time. My recommendation is go back to the drawing board.
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    Some constructive criticism there, you can learn a lot by acting on it.

    Adsense in your chosen niche is actually fairly decent, but you could certainly make a better job of the site as a whole. You need a nicer header graphic, and why is there a calendar on the top left (prime advert spot) when you should be putting something of far greater value - like an opt in form for your newsletter or perhaps another ad display.

    Keep going though, we all start somewhere - Work on your site content, presentation and the level of traffic and you'll see better results. Good luck.
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