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Been looking at post and views in WF some threads get lots of posts, some lots of views and some lots of both.

others little or nothing

for instance this one with 1600 post and over 30,000 views


or this one this one with 270 posts and over 10,000 viewers


Or this one with 485 posts and over 7,000 viewers


This is a recent post with 435 posts and over 50,000 views


What is amazing this on has only 21 posts but over 100,000 views


Seems certain types of headlines attract lots of views and certain types of posts inspires more posts. Considering that that out of the top Alexa web sites WF is #138 Alexa Top 500 Global Sites Understanding what generates viewers and inspires posts wouod help all of our bottom lines

Would like your views and ideas as to what inspires both posts and views in this forum

I know that my headline used here is not so good so what would be a good headline for this post
#posts #views
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    Your post title needs to be appealing. often times this can come from asking a simple question as you saw to draw the person in. Other times its simple the topic that is hit on. If its something everyone is wanting more info on then it is sure to get a lot of traffic generated. cheers
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    Headlines drive clicks - its the same with emails - titles drive opens.
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