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Someone recently contacted me asking to guest blog on my blog. I was wondering if I should consider this. If yes, should I let them access the control panel of my blog, or just ask them to send me the word / text contents and I add it to my blog?

What other things should I keep in mind before letting someone guest blog? TIA
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    Don't give them access to your cp, just make them send the article via email. Only a frequent guest author is worth creating an author account for them.

    Consider it if the offered article is unique and good quality.

    Some people are happy to provide good quality guest articles, other will just spam you with spun content.

    Just tell them your rules, and then see what you get.

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    Its definetly worth considering. But decision should reflect the nature of your site. If your site is very personal then you might not want to go down this route.

    Hower if its not then guest bloggers can be a great source of free content. Some points to remember...

    1. You may get paid, and it certainly doesnt hurt to ask. On one of my travel site we are regularly offered $50-$100 for a guest posts.

    2. Its worth checking that the content of the guest post they give you is unique if you are going after SEO on your site. You can do this using copyscape or similar.

    3. Never ever give access to your website to anyone else unless you trust them like your mother ! just take a text file / word document and add it yourself.
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    Another thing to keep in mind...

    DO NOT promise ANYTHING until you see the copy for the guest post. You don't want to get backed into a corner, having promised to publish a guest post and getting a POS block of backlink fodder. You have two choices, neither of them good.

    And it's worth repeating...

    Do not give a stranger access to your blog unless you trust them with it. You don't want to agree to a guest post and have the poster turn your site into their personal link farm.
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      Good advice in this thread.. Tell them they are free to submit articles to you via email and if they meet your standard you will post them - as stated above, don't make any promises before seeing the article.
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        Thanks for the great information guys. So, basically, asking for the contents via email is the the best way to go, for now!
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  • Get the post emailed to you. If the blog covers a similar (note similar, not exact) niche then you should ask to have a reciprocal guest post of your own on his site.

    Network and get to know the person. See why they are guest posting. It's usually to grow/sell something.

    Do not allow more than a handful of links off your site within the post and definitely not affiliate links.
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