Beware! Deceptive direct mail advert that looks like a bill.

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Just FYI,

I recently purchased a domain thru Godaddy.
Today in the mail I received a letter which identified itself as website listing service.
It listed my domain name.
The date.
Some code numbers that I have no idea what they mean, if anything.

Then the letter goes on to tell me to make my check payable to XYZ (omitted to protect the guilty or those who don't believe such advertising methods are wrong).

How much.

Looks like a bill.

You turn it over, and it still looks like a bill.
Even has a tear off, just like your car payment, to send in your check with a return envelope. A return envelope that looks like your car payment return envelope. All the little warnings about not sending cash, make sure you sign your check, don't send correspondence with your check, etc.

Only in the middle of the back page does it say - this is not a bill but a solicitation.

Just FYI.
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    I get these all the time. They try to charge you something like $100 to renew a .info etc. Scumbags.

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      I have had plenty of those. Since it cost the sender the postage, it's a pleasure to slam them in the can.

      A friend who just bought his first domain got an email version not long after. He asked about it and I told him about my mail experiences, similar to Sardents. The next time I saw him he said that he found the 'this is not a bill' part near the bottom of the email.

      It is unfortunate that he was really worried about it up to that point.

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