I need your HELP as I am writing a Report on Outsourcing to the Philippines

by Izzy9
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Hi, my name is Yssa, I live in the Phillipines and have been freelancing and helping a fellow warrior out with content creation as well as VA tasks. I'd like to write a report on outsourcing to Phillipines, and would like to know if anyone would be interested in such report, and would like to invite you to ask me any questions about specifics to outsourcing to the Philippines, as I have many friends who are freelancers here. You can ask me anything, as I will give you straight, and honest answers, such as our standard of living, what is a fair pay, cultural differences, education level, most common jobs outsourced here, etc.

Suggestions, reactions and your personal experiences are welcome here. Thank you!
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    Hi Yssa

    Would be great to know what is the ave wage per hour in major cities in the Phillipines.

    Thanks and good luck with your report!


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      Hello Webcare,

      I will be sure to include the outline on the average pay per hour for workers here. I know many people are curious as to how much to offer a worker from my country. Thanks for taking your time to share your thoughts!

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    Hi there Yssa, you may want to check this thread of mine as well and perhaps this could be of help to you.

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      Hello Magiclouie,

      Thanks for sharing your thread as I found it very informational. You have very good key points there and I appreciate that you took the time to come up with your insights. More power to you!

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    Hi, how much would you charge for making a logo for a biz website?

    You can contact me via ym to discuss more.
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    Outsourcing to the Philippines is a hassle-free way. It could save internet marketers with lots of time and effort. Setting-up a website, web design, content creation: this all boils down to investment of quality time and effort as well as shedding out extra amount of cash. Filipino freelancers are one of the best in the world. They are very proficient both in oral and written English. Foreign clients should understand cultural differences such as important matters that most Filipinos are engaged in since they will prioritize these more than the work and they will ask for a day off. Also, some of them are start-ups in the business and training is still needed for them to adapt your working environment. However, when they get the hang of everything, they could be one of the best employees you ever had. It's time-tested and proven.

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      Thank you WakondaMarketing! I can't help but agree with you. In truth, the Philippines has one of the longest Christmas celebrations and it may also have the most number of holidays as compared to other nations. I am already thinking of including our holidays in my report so that it can give employers an idea as to how to manage a Filipino workers schedule. I would not have thought about it if you wouldn't have mentioned it. Thanks again!
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