Any Insider Tips on How to Profit from Ezine Advertising as an Affiliate?

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What's up Joe,

So far only made money from ghosting.

I want to give paid ads a shot on a small budget.

The holiday rush is here and there are thousands
to be made. Right now

From my research it seems that newsletter/ezine
ads may be the most profitable in my particular situation.

And maybe paid Facebook ads for fast and cheap traffic.

Of course, converting product owners have an advantage.

But I don't have a converting product.

So how do you make this work as an affiliate.

Solo/ezine ad -> squeeze page -> Build relationship - > Sell Product

Any intricate details you would like to share?
Spill the beans.


I share an apartment with a bunch of scrubs.
Want my own space.
Just Me, Myself, and I
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