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hello, could someone explain me the process of creating niche websites? like first you do keyword research, buy domain name, get content, build x backlinks, submit more content, etc...

what is the best way to build niche sites?

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    You hit the nail on the head.

    Your question is rather general though.

    Either download a niche website building ebook, or do exactly as you stated in your thread and work out the finer points as you go.

    You already know the building blocks of creating them.
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    First decide the niche,then do your keyword research if you are happy with the results by your domain name and populate the site with good content.
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    You're on track...You have the formula now it's time to take action! Success=doing!
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    Originally Posted by true900 View Post

    what is the best way to build niche sites?

    I use Wordpress. Simple to install and get up and running. Then add unique content related to your niche and desired keywords.
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    If you are a beginner is hard to explain all the steps clear and good..
    This job is one that takes time to master.
    So I recomend you to start a course in that direction.
    I heard many good things about google sniper 2.0 , I also watch some videos nd he really explains all the steps.
    Anyway , you can find here good quality stuff also so give it a try and watch carefully.
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      I'd agree with your steps, but emphasize that working hard on #1, keyword research, makes the following steps a lot easier...
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        For a great amount of information on niche sites, I suggest you download the free trial of Market Samurai and watch all of the tutorial videos.

        I will change your life.
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