Article Marketing Free Report - What do you agree or disagree with ?

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This report is something I found today in my quest to understand article marketing better, it is by someone very reputable online copyblogger and yaro the pro blogger.

If you have to time to read would appreciate what do you agree or disagree with the content in this report?

Here is my humble opinion on what I may disagree with

It states here in this report that shorter articles are better in that more people read it, to submit many more shorter version articles on a regular basis to see results.

Now I believe that we should go for longer ones which will get syndicated instead, for better results with backlinks and traffic and touching base with a targeted group of related eyeballs interested in your information through the publishers own personal following who now has published your article on his site for his readers or subscribers for a newsletter.

So the question is should I also submit shorter articles of 400-500 words as well as longer 1000 word articles for syndication ?

If you see anything that contradicts your thoughts on how you would approach things discussed in this report please submit them so we can all grow from it.

At a minimum - if you do not want to give feedback I suggest you read this report you may learn one just new thing
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