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Is there a special template you use to create them? Can you offer any helpful tips and tricks for the text on the page? Anything else I should keep in mind when constructing a squeeze page to increase opt-ins? Any feedback and help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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      Originally Posted by MikeTucker View Post

      Yes, there are plenty of templates, and a simple search should get you some for Wordpress.
      I actually did find some through Google but wanted to check out others that were recommended here.
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      Originally Posted by MikeTucker View Post

      What about the one in your signature? Are you having trouble of some kind with it? Or is that not your's?
      Yeah, that one is mine but I'm considering using something different because that one is connected to another program I may not be using that much longer.
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    Video squeeze page works good too. You can Google search them, and even find some for free. Just replace video and reword for your offer.
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    I am brand new in IM and am learning this right now. It puts me in a good position to help another newbie. This is the way I am learning to do it.

    The way I am taught, squeeze pages are simple. First of all you use emotional words. For instance, instead of saying get, you say grab. Words that have an emotional impact. A good book on this is "Web Copy That Sells" by Maria Veloso.

    You can develop it in SharePoint Designer.

    The words at the top are big and bold and the words become smaller as they go toward the bottom. The idea is for it all to point to the opt-in form. At the top is an attention grabbing sentence. Such as Discover the Secrets of How a 40+ Year Old Hopelessly Out of Shape Woman Easily
    Lost Her Belly Bulge In 90 Days...

    Then below that is smaller font that will bring out their fear or discomfort about something that needs a solution...
    If you're sick and tired of being disgusted with how you look in the mirror, then this is for you.
    Follow it up with bullet points that give a solution...
    • Discover this exciting way to the NEW YOU… the REAL YOU who is struggling to get out
    • How to live in the real world and be fit, good looking and vibrant
    • Discover easy-to-follow techniques that do the trick … and get going within minutes
    • How to lose your belly bulge in 90 days
    • How to keep the fat off while having fun …with energy to burn
    • If you are lazy and hate exercising… then get these amazingly simple tips
    • Much, much more…
    Put the Opt-in form and make sure it is above the fold. That is make sure it is seen without having to scroll down. Offer a free article or video. Make sure it is very valuable to them so they will appreciate it and see you as someone helpful to them.

    Simple sounding really... but be careful to use good strong emotional words and have a good product to give away.

    Hope that helped.
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    If you can afford it, OptimizePress is unbelievable at setting up squeeze and sales pages. It's not terrible cheap, but I haven't seen a better product at the price.

    Previously I was a complete Thesis fan (and still am) but for marketing this is the best theme i've found.
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    Try to make one simple squeeze page that have "Cal to action" button. According me on your squeeze page you musn't have any link to buy the product, only opt-in form and link to download some FREE raports or to watch some videos. Squeeze page is only to grab email details, nothing else. Later you can start to market your product inside autoresponder messages...
    I simply download some of free templates, not squeeze page but wesite templates and modify them for my use. This is wat I do.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys.
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