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guys i have a fashion blog, i have uploaded about 22 articles but got 6 comments total.on it but still its PR is 0. what should i do to drag the traffic and comments. please help
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    Uh... 22 articles is nothing. You need far more than that to get Google's love. Do a few hundred more then come back with the same question.

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    I use 6 Wordpress blog for 6 ClickBank products and I post every day 2-3 articles on each one and ping them but I do it with auto spinning software. You must understand that you will not get traffic overnight. It need to pass some time to get good traffic on it. Also depend on what articles you write to. Is it searched, do you use right keywords, do you conect your wordpress blog to other sites like facebook, twitter, MSN, YIM... Traffic depends on lots of factors and it not comes overnight. So dont lose your patiente, keep posting and pinging...
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      Don't focus on PR as at the end of the day there are better metrics to look at. Traffic and conversions are the two most important things in regards to your blog. To get more comments and inspire more interactivity one of the best ways is to leave comments on "authority" blogs in your niche.

      You can find them in a variety of ways, one way I like to use is to Technorati and use both the blog search features or navigate through the categories.

      If you know your niche well and you leave helpful comments, you will find that lots of people will follow your link back to your Website. You will also gain links in the process although they won't be "anchor text" they will still be valuable.

      The key with blog commenting on authority Websites to get traffic is to be one of the first comenters when a new post is posted. To do this it's best to add the blogs feed url to a feed reader such as Google feed reader and then you can monitor when a new post is added.

      This process can also be done with Google Alerts.

      I hope this helps
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    Originally Posted by trinsleynewton View Post

    guys i have a fashion blog, i have uploaded about 22 articles but got 6 comments total.on it but still its PR is 0. what should i do to drag the traffic and comments. please help
    When you say 22 articles, are they product reviews for certain clothing items or just articles on stuff going on in the fashion industry? You should have both product reviews AND articles relating to the fashion industry. It's what the search engines like. You will get traffic from both your articles and your product reviews. Now would be a great time to start focusing on stuff that's gonna be hot for the holidays.

    Comments will grow as your blog grows and gets more traffic. Also, the more competitive your niche, the longer it will take your page rank to go up. Also, 22 articles isn't a lot. Just keep at it. With the holidays around the corner, your blog will see a massive up-swing in traffic. You will begin to see a difference soon because people start shopping online earlier than they do in regular stores.

    Good luck,
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  • You need to post articles daily in the beginning. Also, you need a lot of linkbacks.
    Start posting on other peoples Blogs, and post into Website Directories.
    Do this daily, and it will eventually happen.
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    Add more content to your site plus write some articles and post to ezine articles

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    I found one ??????

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    If you are in a hurry maybe article writing is not the tactic you should be using. There are a lot of cheap paid traffic sources you can use to get some traffic going in the beginning.

    Then you can see if the web site even converts. This makes more sense than spending countless hours writing hundreds of articles only to find the visitors who do come do not buy.

    Also by using tracking you can find out what keywords the visitors are coming from and use them as the main points in your articles.
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    I agree posting to directories and making some insightful blog comments on the big blogs in your niche can make heaps of difference.

    Look outside the typical areas, sometimes a side niche may be a great source of traffic.
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    I too have a wordpress blog in well not fashion but clohting, I am currently ranked #6 for my keyword but it took me lots of posts and lots of articles to get up their as I was on the 3rd page!

    This is for a free wordpress blog too but I have been constantly writting fresh reviews for the webste I am promoting and writting articles, I was getting sick of writting articles to be honest but it has paid off!

    Bookmark your blog posts too, as their is not that much competition I have only been bookmarketing with Digg but my traffic is starting to go up slowley and I am starting to get clicks through to the product I am selling

    Keep posting, keep writting!
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    You're in the right direction.

    Just write more articles - one in 2 days is okay, but you'd better be targeting easy keywords

    Build more backlinks to the articles and your homepage. You can use some of the SEO services offered here

    Make more constructive comments on related blogs

    Submit relevant articles to related blogs and have them link to your homepage

    Build a list with the traffic

    Send newer articles and blog posts to the list you've built...If they're endearing enough, they'll be your faithful visitors for a long time, and recommend you to others

    This should get you the free traffic you need until you make enough to invest in google adwords, ppv and banner ads on related blogs.

    Dann Vicker

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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