Is my site too sloooowwww to load?

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I've been trying find out why my site has been getting so few visits, and the general concensus is that it's too slow to load/ not loading at all. It works fine for me, but can anyone recommend a good uk hosting company, with very easy website builder templates? I'm currently using to build the site, and apart from the loading time, I'm very happy with them. I have some small niche sites that load fine, but the casinos one is 250+ pages with lots of images.
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    I clicked the link a few times. The second time it took a while to load but other than that it was fine. I can't really recommend any specific UK hosting companies, I use HostGator personally. Why do you need a UK hosting company in particular?
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    OP, just checked it. It loaded just fine.
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    It took 8 seconds for me and I got a Malware warning (granted probably false).
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    Very slow to load here, too. I didn't get any malware warnings, though.

    Probably the Yola server is slow. I use BetterWebSpace - Domain names and Hosting Services to host my UK sites. They have both US and UK server options.
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    Loaded immediately. Until I saw the other comments from respected warriors, I thought you were just self-advertising.
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    Took 6 seconds to "look" loaded the first time.

    Watching a little closer a few items were taking much longer to load some off site components. But the only way to fix that is not to include off site components, which without examining closely, I would imagine means cutting some monetization.

    I then reloaded the page and (it might have been my connection) it took about 14 seconds before it started to load, my system was waiting for a response from your site.

    A third load was about 7 seconds to appear loaded, 11 seconds to finish with off site components.

    If some of the off site things are rotated, it might be specific offsite components that are only sometimes appearing that are causing some of the slowness.

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    It took around like 5 seconds before it is loaded to my internet browser. You might want to consider using hostgator as it has work for many webmasters who uses them.


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      Originally Posted by Zack Lim View Post

      It took around like 5 seconds before it is loaded to my internet browser. You might want to consider using hostgator as it has work for many webmasters who uses them.

      I have a batch of very slow sites...on HostGator!

      Although other people seem to love them, I seem to have been put on the 1999 servers or something.
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    Run a test from WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test (select a UK source as that's obviously the market you are targeting).

    When I ran the test using London as the test point it reported a load time of 51 seconds!!

    It appears you have some intermittent problems with your site/hosting service as it is sometimes quick and sometimes extremely slow.
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    It loaded right away for me! Hope you can figure out your problem with it taking a long time to load for some people.

    I wish I could recommend a good UK hosting company but honestly I don't have a clue. Best of luck!
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  • It's slow but you can see that it is loading.

    I believe the real issue is it's just a huge list of links to other sites.

    So the real question is this: Does my site/page provide value to the people that are visiting? Why are they here... and does it match why they are here.

    Huge lists just serve to confuse people.

    And Google has stated they are using Site Load times as a factor in ranking, but to what extent? Who knows.
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      Thanks to you all, it's given me some ideas on how to make it faster. I really, really, don't want to move the whole site to a uk host, especially as the template I use means that I would have to copy and paste 250 pages, but the point about there being too many links to casino sites could be a lot of the problem.

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    It loaded quite slow for me, around 7 seconds.
    But i didn't get any malware warnings either
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    It's just borderline too slow, but I wouldn't be turned away because you can see that it's going to be some good content.

    I see the listings are in alphabetical order. Is there a way that you can put A-M on the first page because the first half loads right out of the gate.

    Just my thoughts. Kudos on a kick ass site in general.
    -Stack Bundles
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    Well, it's not too slow in my computer. Took about 4 seconds to fully load everything. It seems your website are cluttered with GIF images or maybe a problem with your hosting provider.

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      Thanks everyone! I've done some work on the images and links, which I think were a large part of the problem. If anyone gets a chance, please check loading times again, if it's still slow, I'll have to make a few more changes.


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    Loaded fast for me. Seems to be a local network issue on your side , computer issue or ISP network.
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    It loaded right away from me

    Thank you to everyone on WF for all the great information, help, support, and kindness you have all shared!

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