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by Marian Berghes 11 replies
Im having some trouble finding a good niche and promoting, i have read alot of articles,ebooks etc..and they all say that at first go for a niche that you know something about. Now...the only thing i was ever good at is playing games on pc, offline and online (mmos),been a pro counter-strike player for 6 years and other mmos like World of warcratf,lineage etc. , also i don't have a website...from what ive read i should make a blog about something related to gaming and then promote a product that has some relevance with my blog or with gaming in general. So im asking you this: should i go with this? is there a posibility that i will make a few bucks? should i make an ebook about something related to gaming and selling it on my blog? all opinions are most appreciated.
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    I'm not sure at which affiliate program I saw them, but there are a couple of guides out there for WOW. Obviously, this is something that you are into and could write about quite a bit.

    Maybe try to find one of them and promote it.
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    Latest statistics shows that Warcraft has over more than 10 million active users, and GTA 4 is all set to overtake Warcraft as the most popular game of the year. Need more reasons to do this niche?
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      Rhypo, I will second Big Mike's suggestion for you. Games is a very huge and profitable market. Possibility is high. However, I will advice that you focus on small area of the industry. It's better to be big fish in small pond than small fish in big pond.

      Follow your heart and go for it.
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    You know what would probably work really well for you that black mask marketing ebook. I think I have a PLR copy somewhere. PM me and I'll track it down and get you a copy. Video reviews would probably work really well too. I've tried reading reviews for games and it just isn't the same. Then you just sell the game through an affiliate link.
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      @big mike: it was about the "not showing your real name" credibility problem. and yeah, i was a moderator on everquest 2 and cabal online forums. and a game master in knight online and on a private world of warcraft server. my target market should be the mmo forums, i know some mmo-portals with forums with alot of activity; and second for gaming in general. and thats what ive tought regarding ebook, making a series of them for different games or different gaming concepts in general and selling each one very 10$ max.

      @misako: i know wow has 10mil ppl...but there are already dozens of site that will show you all kinds of money-making guides,lvling,pvp etc... for free i don't know if i can penetrate that market and stand up in front with something worth buying, considering that i still have many things to learn about IM. i saw some wow products on clickbank...ill take a look at them.

      @lateef: i will try for the mmo part of the industry...but i still have to do more research.

      thank you for your posts and waiting more opinions
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      • Profile picture of the author Marian Berghes you think its worth it to go for a blog? or its a waste of time?
        i made a blog now...i need your opinions on the title and how it looks...should i get another template. any advice is helpfull.

        edit: ops...sorry for double posting i didn't realise.
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          looks like youve found your niche..

          how about researching existing products in this niche that have affiliate programs...

          then get your blog happening. write reviews of these product/S and see how you go promoting them.. while creating a list at the same time..

          If you start doing well..

          then you can create and release your own product to market to your list.


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    There is a lot of stuff outthere for that pc gaming stuff... Try going to some affiliate marketing stuffand seeing what you can dig up. Also, try writing your own ebook on the subject and get PLR to it and sell it that way.
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