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I just finished my first, crude YouTube review. It's not perfect, but I'm motivated after some limited success using Adsense on YouTube with a funny video I recorded a few days ago. I found out during that that you can post a link in the description - and it just made sense to review items for Amazon.

Let me know what you think, and if you're willing, please share your own success or failure stories!

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    How much money were you able to make using Adsense with youtube ?? Let me know how this works for you. Been thinking about doing something along the like this. Maybe we can swap and share some ideas. Best of luck

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    Great review man. You really look natural. But as for youtube reviews it's better to have a high quality videos and maybe you can put some branding as introduction, plus indoor review (or places with less noise) is better. You can get these intro videos using After Effect for $5 at Fiverr. It gives you the edge trust me.
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    Adsense with YouTube has been getting me about $4 EPM. Nothing spectacular, but it's there.

    As I said - this is a crude review. My house is embarrassing at the moment - it's 670 sq. ft., stuffed with stuff, and under renovation. There is also a three-year-old in there, which you can hear through the window in the review

    I took this one with the front-facing camera on my phone, taped to a tripod. I have an HD camcorder, but the charger is fried for it. The universe is aligned against me on this one, but by God I got that review up!

    As for persona - well, I felt like I was stumbling badly and like my pauses were way too long. I thought it turned out a lot better than it felt making it. Going forward, I'll be more comfortable in front of the camera.

    I appreciate the feedback, all. It's surprisingly difficult to get in front of the camera and talk. Now, I'm wondering if I should split-test my own review with an attractive female somewhere using this one as a script
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    Great review, dude. However, you could totally create a review with impressive impact to the audiences by making use of clear and crisp HD cameras. The more professional your video reviews, the more people will be enticed to subscribe or share your videos to their friends and colleagues.

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  • You are such a pro! If I want to buy something I want to see a review like this! Great review man!
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