Need an advise for my idea.

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Hey, I want to make a forum for students at university, What is the best forum platform, i want something new, i googled and i know and used such platforms as vbulettin ETC. What out of ordinary can you suggest?:confused:

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    I guess it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your forum

    are you going to monetize it? is it just a place to hang out?

    etc etc ~

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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    I believe someone already did this. I can't remember the name of it... face... something like... face... book?
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    phbb is good. you can search "open source forum" and find all the free solutions.
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      Well its gonna be a dedicated forum for students, like 1 destination for people to hang out, chat, buy/sell books other stuff, rate profs ETC. Yes i would want to monetize it with enough users.

      Do you think its a good idea? there is no such place right now. And universities are always full of people so i think it might be a steady traffic if it picks up through the students. I wanna start with 1 but I see that i can do at least 4 places like this. I already have great domains straight name of [name of uni], So if 1 more or less succeeds i will set up another 3.

      I am very noobish guy at this, been on forums for years but never had one myself, but I see some potential.

      Please share your thoughts.
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      I have hard time with deciding on design, what i mean is, will simple more or less plain forum design be enough to make people come back, or should i really try to make it out of ordinary to differentiate from standard forum design. In my vision i want something different so students would want to come back.
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      Originally Posted by MLMLEADZ View Post

      Visit and checkout google products such as hosting options
      what exactly for?
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    what is considered a good traffic for a forum/message board? At what point I can think of putting ads Etc?
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