How to send a thank-you message after a customer sends PayPal payment?

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I'll be putting a product of mine on PayPal soon, and I'd like to send the buyer a follow-up message immediately after they pay, with instructions on retrieving their purchase.

Are most people using autoresponder integration to do this sort of thing? I suppose using Aweber would mean I'd have to create a new list for the people who purchase this particular product, right? The thing is, I was hoping to get these customers onto a more generalized "buyers" list, rather than one for the particular product... Is there another solution here that I'm missing?
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    If you set up a paypal button there's more options than meets the eyes. If you look carefully after entering all your information, there's an arrow you click to bring up more options. In one of those you can add a URL redirect after the purchase is complete. It's there, when you're setting up the button, just look carefully for more options cuz they are easy to miss.

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    You can add them directly to a list after payment as the last poster says.

    Also you can use aweber automation to add them to another
    list in your aweber a/c when they subscribe to this purchasers list.

    It's what I've been doing for several years with no problems.


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    I am using the virtuemart shopping cart on my site and between it and paypal the buyer gets several messages informing them of their purchase etc. Its all automated and pretty cool.

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      I've seen the option to take users to a new URL once their payment is complete, and I have that in place. And I know I could get them on a list through an opt-in form on the page that I redirect them to.

      However, I'd much rather send them an e-mail as soon as they make a purchase, just in case there's some kind of error with paypal or my site, or they accidentally close out of the tab, or something like that.

      The problem with using Aweber integration for this is that it requires you to enter an aweber e-mail address (i.e. your-list at aweber dot com), so you'd have to enter a new one of these e-mail addresses for each product-- and PayPal has a limit on the number of e-mail addresses you can enter.

      Basically, I just want to make absolute sure that my customer gets a specific download link in their e-mail as soon as they buy the product..
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    I'm having the same problem. After I sell my software at where user uses paypal button I need to send a confirmation email.
    Also, paypal takes 10% of each purchase which seems a bit high considering I put in
    all the time and effort for 12 months on my program.
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