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Last year (2008) I acted like a total newb and found some niches I thought would be profitable, bought myself a reseller hosting account and a couple domains. It was a waste of time and I don't have time for it.

There is one blog in particular I want to sell. Its wordpress based, got some good and essential plugins for seo, nice free theme which can easily integrate ads into it and looks VERY pro.

I am writing ten unique articles for it as we speak and have added 10 articles from ezinearticles on it (with the author bio included still at the bottom). The site has no traffic or revenue and I want to sell it for 40-49 dollars. I have looked at sitepoint, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of people buying the brand new websites and it seems competitive. Has anyone got any advice and does this website sound like it can fetch 40 dollars?

-Are there any other places I might be able to sell this site?
-Anything else I can do to make this offer more attractive?

Ideally I want the buyer to move the website off my hosting, but they'll get free hosting until they do so. If I can't get the 20 bucks profit I want (40 dollars minutes the twenty for listing it) then I might just give it away to a warrior here on the forum.

If anyone has got any advice I'd appreciate it and I'd really owe you one. Like seriously, I might even be able to sort a free domain or two out for you if you could do this for me and you can flip it for profit to your heart's content!

Thanks in advance for any help or feedback.
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    Does the site get any traffic? getting $40 for it is really low. Could you enter it under Start up websites? At least the listing fee would only be 10 dollars.

    You can also sell on ebay but I'm not sure about the fees over there.

    If you could drive traffic there and make at least some money through adsense or affiliate products you could make much more than $40.
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    There is a guy on here looking to buy sites and he posted a thread in reference to this recently. That number sounds in his price range but I can't speak for him. In general, people are looking for sites that are already making money and/or getting traffic. I would not pay the money on SP to list a new site but that is just me. I would strongly recommend that you build it with SEO and make some money for a couple of months and then sell it for hundreds.
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      Heres the thing.

      I could list in startups but that doesn't seem to sell many sites from what I can see.

      I just want rid of this domain and want to free up some hossting space if I can. I just want rid of it, which is why I want to sell it for a cut price. I know I could do seo, but I'd really be urinating time up the wall, and one thing I don't have at the moment is time to faff about with it.

      Worse comes to worse, I'll give it to a warrior and they can have a field day with it, but if I can get a months worth of getresponse autoresponder out of it, then why not?
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    It depends on a few things. What is the domain name and what niche is it in.

    Also, 10 unique articles by themselves are worth $49 in most cases and sites with unique content tend to sell for more.

    You can list it as a 'Start up' site since there is no income/traffic, just mention that in the ad and the fact that you just added the content and 'revamped' the site.

    The look and feel of the site is the other thing. If it really looks professional, that pulls more.

    Offer the buyer 2-3 months of hosting for free then charge them $4-$5 per month if they don't transfer it. (Unless you really want it off your servers.)

    I hope that helps, let me know if I can offer further assistance.

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    I don't get it. Why don't you just dump it if you don't want it? Sounds to me like you are giving yourself more grief over getting a lousy $20 for it - when it doesn't have traffic or revenue. If you want it off your server, delete it and replace it with something else.

    Am I missing something?

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    Look in the WSO section for Dan Tierney DaddyOh This is exactly what you need. His course is well organized and easy to understand, and answers many questions.
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    You can go to and get what you need. Also contact the owner for any questions or PM me.
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    No traffic and no sales means you won't really get much for it. If you just want to get rid of it, put it on an auction and take what highest bid you will get for it.

    It's better than simply taking it off and not getting a little money back for our efforts, but then again the experience of putting it together and the learning gained may be payment enough.
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      Appreciate all the help from people here in this thread and I am grateful for the pm's.

      To clarify, while I am prepared to make some content and sort out the setup of the website, I don't have the time to invest to make it a traffic generating website. The reason why I am doing this instead of simply ditching it is to learn something about the site flipping process. I have done a little before with more established sites and usually through private sales, but I am seeing a bucket load of people on the forum claiming they can make cash in a day or two selling brand new websites on sitepoint. I wanted to see if this was possible at all and maybe make a bit of pocket change along the way.

      Appreciate all the help though, I'll digest it over the weekend and make a decision on how to play it.
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