A problem with my blog - advice needed please

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Had a big problem with my hosting account on Hostgator a few weeks ago - all but one of my sites completely vanished. (Hostgator Support's response: "we're baffled". Their backups were gone too)

Anyhow, I'm slowly restoring the sites (all but one were Wordpress blogs), but I appear to have a problem with philwiley.com and I can't solve it.

I managed to restore it from an old downloaded backup, but lost the theme, images, plugins, etc. So now, instead of Thesis I'm giving the newish twenty eleven-theme a go. So far I like it, except for one problem. And it's a big one.

It's not working properly in Internet Explorer. It looks like it's not finding the style sheet or something (a child theme). I've never had this kind of problem in wordpress before and I'm stumped.

Firefox and Chrome and Safari it's fine. IE and ...well take a look.

It works fine once it's refreshed but not until you click the refresh button.

If it's giving you the same problem have you any advice for me?



ps. I know the header image is a bit blurry. It got stretched because of the wider page size with the new theme. I'll fix it when I find the energy.
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    Hi Phil

    I don't have any suggestions I'm afraid, but just to let you know, I am getting exactly what you describe.

    Anyway, it seems you're not the only one ...

    2011 Theme - Internet explorer incomatibilities! « WordPress.com Forums

    WordPress Theme with IE 8 and IE 7 styling problems | CSS Creator

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    Firefox, Chrome and Safari all fine except IE? What version of IE are you using? Parent-child themes are pretty common these days. Main advantage is, of course, you can upgrade your theme without losing your customization (on child theme).
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    We have the same issue here. I hope somebody can offer a help for this problem. It's good that there's a thread concerning this issue.
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      I just checked your blog in IE and your quite right, its not picking up your css. However, when I checked it in the IE COMPATIBILITY MODE, it loaded perfectly. The version of IE I'm using is version 8. I hate IE and only really have it installed for testing purposes.

      Its a weird issue because your right, after a refresh it seems to load ok. So it may not be the compatibility mode fixing it, this has got me stumped too.

      My advice would be to check all the extensions to your CSS file. Look for any small mistakes between the CSS file's location and the CSS html link. Mistakes such as capital letters are common and can cause this type of issue. Also, from my experience I've noticed that some times IE doesn't like file names or directories with a - between words. It doesn't always cause a problem but it has for me in the past so if you use a - anywhere directing to your CSS, edit your files and try it without.

      I'll be keeping an eye on this thread as I'm interested to see what the issue could be.

      Also, in regards to Hostgator....
      If they done this to me I would be speaking to my lawyers and demanding compensation, especially if they didnt have a back-up. Thats disgustingly poor service. Although you can bet they've got some legal small-print which protects them from any lawsuits for this type of thing. You should seriously consider using a different host now because that is unacceptable, theres no excuse for it. Imagine if your website was your business hub and it pulled in thousands every day.
      One other thing, I ALWAYS have a complete recent backup stored on my computer at all times. Every Sunday evening its downloaded without fail, websites, images, content and databases. I advise everyone to do the same as the consequences of not doing this can be huge as the OP has experienced.
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    I've had similar experiences with hostgator! That's why I switched to bluehost!
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    Sorry, I've got no advice for your present problem, but in future, if you use Wordpress, there are several inexpensive plugins which make secure backups.
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      Thanks to the people who replied. I live in Australia, so I've been asleep for the past 7 hours.

      I'm not exactly a newbie at this so I'm sure I'll sort the problem out. I'll let you know the solution.

      Sitehero and Phillip, I always back everything up on all my sites. I restored my blog with a database backup from wp-db-manager, but that doesn't the theme, images, etc. Got all the content back though. It was also backed up with Robert Plank's Backup Creator which was a WSO a few weeks ago. However, if you look up that thread you'll find there were lots of issues with earlier versions of it and the restore simply wouldn't work on this site. I've been assured that the latest version fixes the problems I had, but that's not much consolation at the moment.

      As for Hostgator, I've been mulling over a move for a while. But I've been ill for the past 2 years and only slowly recovering, and seeing I spend most of my time asleep (it's a weird illness, look it up on philwiley.com) I haven't had the energy to make the move. I just happen to be having a couple of ok days, tomorrow I might not be able to even write something like this, never mind transfer sites.

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