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I just ran across this website Poll Everywhere | Simple Text Message (SMS) Voting and Polling, PowerPoint Audience Response System (ARS) ( no affiliation whatsoever ) and I really felt like sharing.

The guys put together a system where in lecturers/seminar organizers can purchase a plan that provides them with a set of SMS numbers that can be used in a poll.

These numbers are then provided to the lecture/seminar attendees to vote on an issue - so it's in effect an automated, live poll where participants vote by sending votes via SMS.

The results are shown in Powerpoint or in a browser, whichever you prefer.

Now that's what I call innovation - only possible with the Internet. I find it quite inspiring.

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    I just had a look at the link you posted and have to say, I can see where
    a ton of people could use something like this.

    Thanks for posting it.

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      Hello, my name is Alice and I work for PowerVote. Our company is specialized in Audience Response System. We propose a voting system solution by keypad using the technology 2,4 Ghz. We can notice that keypads on market are now much smaller (size of a credit card) and light (approximately 40 grams) and prices become more and more competitive. Personally, I think that SMS voting is an additional solution of keypad voting.
      Even if the vote by telephone in advantageous (manipulation, ease of implementation), it has some constraints like the votes by keypad (a good internet connection on the place of the meeting and a good network cover are needed for cell phones.)

      Whatever the chosen solution is, interactive vote always requires a preparation before meeting: numbers gathering for the vote by cell phone, preparation of the questions and integration in PowerPoint.

      Vote by SMS is also an interesting runway but this solution remains also restricting: SMS answer typing (compose and send the SMS) is more laborious than with a keypad (where you just need to press one button), time of answer is a little longer and price of SMS is payable by the user.

      In my opinion, solutions of vote by cell phone are to be privileged when the number of participants is important and when the number of questions is small.
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