Does YouTube not like optin forms?

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Hey guys,

Does YouTube care if your blog/website has a popup webform to collect name/e-mails?

I'm making an awesome video blog and want to build a list for it but I'm primarily targeting video traffic and don't want to get my youtube account disabled - I know youtube can be picky.

Any advice from anyone experienced greatly appreciated!

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    Anyone have advice for me on this?

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    As far as I know, nope.

    I too do a number of videos regularly that is hosted on youtube, and redirected to my site- but never got any problems so far.

    I am not so sure what scale you are looking at, but at how I do things, as long as you don't screw around using copyrighted materials, spam and put videos of obscene stuff- nothing has happened

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    Why should youtube worry about your optin that you place in your own website?
    I am sure it won't care.
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      Originally Posted by ebooksmaster View Post

      Why should youtube worry about your optin that you place in your own website?
      I am sure it won't care.

      Just like they should not care about squeeze pages on Adwords listings, but they do...
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    Yeah I don't see the problem with this as many sites do exactly the same thing. The function of a popup window is natural and part of a normal website so I don't see it being a problem.
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    I run a pop up on my site 100% of the time and I haven't had any problems with my You Tube videos pointing back to my site.

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    Almost everyone of my videos has an opt-in form resource, both in the video and in the description of the video.

    One thing that you can do in Youtube is to put a subscription box in your video asking people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. YouTube makes this very easy to set up. This is a great tool!

    I have not had any issues with this.

    As Suthan M, wisely stated: don't use copyrighted material, songs, music or anything else that will get your videos disabled.
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    I send all TY traffic to my blog...

    My blog is a lead machine... Pop ups, footer banners, light boxes, exit pops, side bar opt-ins, etc...

    As long are you have quality videos and a quality website (that is related) you shouldn't have any problems... (emphasis on shouldn't lol)
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    that seems to be a tough one
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