HELP! Someboby Stole My Site & Product...

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Hey Warriors.

Somebody has not only carbon-copied my high-converting sales letter
to-the-T, but they have stolen my complete product, and are driving
Adwords PPC traffic to it, taking their own orders via PayPal, and
selling it for $10 less!

What on earth do I do? PayPal is taking their merry old time
and they have to "get back to me".

Insights greatly needed!

-Cory Friedman
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    Check who is hosting the website, contact the host and report the theft and hope the cancel that hosting account. I am not really sure what you can do legally.
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    File a DCMA request with the hosting. It will be down within minutes.
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    Thanks for the prompt help, will let u all know how it goes.

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      yeah the first thing should be done is to file a DCMA
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    DMCA their host, don't count on Paypal to do anything. They do not view themselves subject to the DMCA.
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    If you have the money you should make a big "legal" stink over this and teach that person a lesson!
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    Here's another good resource that also instills some fear in them once they know you've filed a report:

    Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home

    And yes, they handle this type of stuff - I've submitted to them before.
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    I'm assuming you have already emailed the thiefs?

    I once had someone use my sales copy only to help them
    sell their own similar product and I simply sent them a
    threatening email and stated if it was not down within the
    next 24 hours, my lawyers would be in contact with them
    and guess what it worked and the site was down.
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    I agree with Manson, try that. If they don't take it down, bring out the big guns!
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    I'm curious. How did you happen to find out that your product and sales letter had been stolen? Really makes you paranoid.
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    Send a DMCA take down notice to their host, Send a DMCA take down notice to their domain registrar (sometimes they will take action as well) and send a DMCA take down notice to the infringer via certified mail.

    Email the infringer the same DMCA take down notice and let them know you have started legal actions against them and that they need to immediately comply. Most infringers will comply once they know they've been discovered and if not their host will.

    Then contact an attorney and have them also send a letter to the infringer.

    Do all legally within your power to be the guys worst nightmare until they comply.

    I've had to do this a few times and creeps like this usually comply once they realize you are not going away and their legal problems are only going to get worse.
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