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So, this is my first post here, which is appropriate because I recently started my first blog for profit. It's off to a slow start, which is fine, because I'm beginning to understand that I need to put tons of time and energy into it before I make a buck.

I've read three or four books so far on content, blogging for profit and SEO optimization. So, I think I get the core concepts.

In addition to building out the content for my blog, I understand that I need to also work on my off-page SEO efforts. Thus I intend to focus on article writing and eventually forum posting (in combination with other things) to start generating backlinks from PR3+ sites.

I tried out Article Marketing Robot and can see how it could save me a lot of time if I filtered out the broken/down/irrelevant directories that aren't around or won't accept my submissions. I've read about other article submission software and I've decided that I just can't get on board with paying any amount of money for something that (at least for now) I can do on my own.

Which finally leads me to my question for y'all: what is the best way for me to start manually a) finding and b) tracking article submission sites that I can manually submit my articles to? I'm just not content paying money until I try the hard way first. I tried searching for "article directories," "article submission spreadsheet" and the like on here and couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

Thanks, all.
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    I just scraped these with Scrapebox using the custom footprint:

    intitle:Submit Your Article

    I'm sure some of them aren't what you are looking for, but a lot of them are.

    Should keep you busy for awhile. lol
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    I try to do what I can do, when I can do it

    Only took about 20 seconds my friend, no problem. lol
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    Start with the major sites like:

    Also, if you decide you want to speed up the process and get your articles out to many directories along with publishers you can try these sites:

    Hope this helps!

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    I would also search for "article directory" +name of your niche. You may get more targeted traffic that way.
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    Create an account at Onlywire (it has a free and a paid version – the free version works forever but you cannot post too many links per month) and then create an account at the various social networking sites of their list.

    You’ll waste your time subscribing to each one, but you only have to do that once in your life. Then, you’ll be able to easily submit your articles’ links to all these sites at the same time.

    Take care!

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    Some great info on this thread. Thanks!
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    Article marketing and in addition to forum posting can be a good combo effort. If you use Onlywire, I suggest you really maximize the tool by using the paid service for the added benefits. May I suggest you submit to 2 highly targeted article directories and learn to manually submit first before you start using software programs etc.
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