What do I say to someone that has copied my website...

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Just came across a site that has completely copied my privacy page - I know many people may do this but I did pay a lawyer to do mine. What is bothering me more is the fact that the person forgotten to take all my website URL's off it so there is one of mine still where it talks about how to "unsubscribe"
This is totally crazy on their part and I know I need to ask them to remove this because of the URL on there.

Should I ask them to remove the whole Privacy page or just the URL and how should I say it to them?

They have also copied "sentences" from my sales letter onto their sales page, it is so obvious but really my URL on the privacy page is mainly what I am concerned about.

Please can anyone help me as I really haven't a clue of what to say to them.
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    You can get it taken down with a DMCA to their host. Instructions and sample DMCA here.


    Or you can contact them and give them the option of removing it. Just tell them to remove it or you will issue a DMCA to their host. Also tell them to remove the "sentences" they stole from your sales page.
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    Well. A few options. First, how nice to you want to be about it?

    The nice version is to tell them that you paid a lawyer for this and that this privacy page is copyrighted. (and I'm betting you have a copyright notice on your website).

    If you don't care if they keep using it, but want your information removed, then tell them where they've missed your information and that it's detrimental to your business (and theirs?).

    If you don't want to be "nice" about it, or if they don't respond to your request to remedy the situation, you can go to sending them a formal notice that they are in violation of your rights, perhaps going as far as to send a DMCA notice
    An example of which can be found here (or in many other places):
    DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement - Sample Template

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    I would say remove or you will send a DMCA to their host. They shouldn't be copying anything off your site without your permission. I would also tell them to remove your sentences from the sales page. It's plagiarism pure and simple, they do it to you and get away with it they are going to do it to others too.
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    • I have a slightly different approach. (It never fails.)

      I look up their domain registration, then I email the perp. I tell them the purpose of this email is to confirm that their physical address is actually blah blah blah, and the registrant's name is blah blah, and that the reason I need to confirm this information is that my lawyer is preparing a DMCA takedown notice due to the following violations: blah blah blah.

      They always delete the offending pages as fast as their fat little fingers can fly.

      Many people mistakenly feel the Internet gives them a cloak of invisibility. When you point out you know exactly who they are and where they live, they freak.

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    Take snap shot before you contact the guy with part of you URL their before contacting him as a proof.

    Email the website owner and request to remove that content since you paid a lawyer to do it and you can prove that this page is yours.

    Also, mention if he didn't remove the content that you will take a legal action toward him.

    I bet he will take it off since you already have prove. If he didn't then you can move this further.
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  • Or you could tell him for X$ they can keep the page up. Send them your Paypal Account along with your Demand Letter.

    Pay to play or remove it.
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    I'd send him a email telling him of what you see. See how he responds and then go from there. Try and avoid litigation by all means.

    Thank you to everyone on WF for all the great information, help, support, and kindness you have all shared!

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