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I have each of my websites set up with a specific tracking ID. However, is there a way to see what products were actually clicked on once they customer arrived at Amazon? For instance, I know that I got 16 clicks today on a certain website. However, I have no idea what products were clicked. Is there any way I can track that?

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    I think its under the Items With no Orders section in your amazon associates Orders Report page.
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      Yes you can. In your affiliate account look to the left. You will see a drop down list of your different ID's. Unselect "Combined Reports" and choose the ID you want to look at.

      Go to your Order Reports. You will see "Items with Orders". Under that you will see "Items with No Orders" Click on that.
      You will then see the product link clicks and what people did not buy.

      This is a great way to see what you may want to optimize for and many affiliates over look it, in their accounts.

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      Is there any way to not show your own clicks?

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    This all information is also new to me. Thank you very much to share it here.

    Best Regards,
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    Yep - check the Items with no orders in your reports and you will be able to see all clicks and what type of ad it was from.

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