Is there a need for Broad PLR Minisites?

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Hi All,
I have been following and reading for a while. Have tried a few projects that have work and not worked however they all involved articles or some kind of writing to make them work. As I come from a graphic design background I was looking to use those skills instead. I already have an online business that uses a lot of designs, so I was thinking of PLR minisites that are broad themed based. I spoke to Tiffany Dow about this a while back and she suggested the idea and to keep it broad, of course life happens and I have not moved on it until now.

What I wanted from you guys was your opinion on is there really a market for this type of sites now. A lot of people are getting custom graphics but I don't want to go down that route for I do a lot of very focus designs already in my primary business. I am looking to do this for a long term passive income. The designs would be broad and very cheap as Tiffany suggested. You as the buyer would be able to change the text either via the Paint program or Photoshop. I was also thinking about adding a matching Wordpress Theme template also.

Prices: I was looking at $6 - 7 for the minisite template & probably an extra $2 with the Wordpress theme if I decide to include them. The minisite would have the header, footer, image files, 4-5 advertisements and maybe a ecover or book cover. The use of an ecover or book cover depends on whether I can get the user to change the text some how, so I am still looking into that.

I have created one called Making Money (best2keepitsimple[dot]com[forward slash]money1[forward slash]index[dot]htm) let me know what you think. I look forward to your honest opinions on weather wanting PLR minisites is or is not a viable path to take? Whether a matching Wordpress theme would enhance the offer?

Thank you all who share their opinions

Have a Great Productive Day
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    I don't know. That's a pretty plain and generic minisite design. No offense intended. Maybe they would sell to a certain market, but there are other minisite designers that I would go with to get a really dynamite minisite design.
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      Thanks sbucciarel, derekmichael02 for your honest feedback. I will have to rethink this approach know. Any ideas...
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    Not really - you can get them anywhere, and most of them aren't very good. You're better off spending the time to do something great as opposed to massive crap ones.

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    Hi bthankful,

    The site is a bit plain. Most marketers these days are going with Wordpress or other easy to manage CMS platforms.

    There are a few resources that offer these type HTML templates free or for less than a dollar each. In my humble opinion, your time would be better spent developing higher priced digital products and services.

    Best of luck to you!
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    As stated, it is too plain - too generic. Perhaps if you made some niche specific ones kind of along the same lines as all the PLR blog sites being sold here: Complete Web Sites For Sale!

    Now having said that, I'm not convinced there would be a market for minisites like that. Most people buying the PLR blogs are brand new and aren't technical enough yet to deal with a minisite. I'm thinking once someone progresses to mini site territory then they probably want a custom one but I could be wrong about that and the only way to know is to test it out.

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      Thanks for your link cashcow, it has given a better perspective.
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