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by Rageki
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Hey guy I need some help, I want to know what I need to do to start selling plr articles. I known a lot about it, but my grammar stucks(probaly still does). I did some improvement. Here a example of my writing:

Link Building Tips | Mystical Free Ones

I want to know what you guys think, please be honest. Thank you.
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    Hi Rageki, You still some grammatical errors. You have a good starting point.
    I would spice up the post headline to grab more eyeballs.

    Something like : 3 Ways To Build Your List And Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commission!
    3 Mistakes That Will Cost You Affiliate Commissions And How To Correct Them!
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      Thanks bobwalk for checking and for the tip

      Affiliate links aren't allowed.

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    Rageki, here is my honest assessment.

    What you wrote...

    Affiliate Marketing could be a tough world for affiliate:beginners or pro. I will go though websites and finds mistakes that the affiliate makes on his or her website, and it is pretty common. Most affiliate who do changing to these problems; they will see there income going up.

    An improved rendition...

    Affiliate marketing can be a challenge for affiliates, whether they are beginners or pros. I often visit sites that are filled with novice affiliate mistakes and errors.

    If marketers paid more attention to the basic mechanics of affiliate marketing, they would immediately see an increase in income from their websites. Generally, all it takes is some careful research and attention to detail in order to get things rolling in the right direction.

    From what I read on your blog, it appears that English is not your native language. In such a case, I would suggest you write in your native language and have it translated. If English is your native language, you will definitely need to improve on your grammar as well as the use of proper punctuation.

    Best of luck to you!
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      From what I read on your blog, it appears that English is not your native language. In such a case, I would suggest you write in your native language and have it translated.
      I agree with this statement, even though I am not a professional writer.

      You could never market articles written in the way that those on your site are written, without getting requests for refunds and a bad reputation to boot.

      I'm sorry to be harsh Rageki, but you did ask for honest feedback.

      If English IS your first language, then you need to invest in some basic grammar lessons just to begin with. Then I'm afraid you will still have a lot of work to do before you can write in a professional capacity. Indeed, writing might not be the right career for you.

      If English is NOT your first language, I would suggest that you re-write the articles in your own language, get them translated (as stated above) into UK or USA English and then post to the forum again, for comment.

      I am glad to see that you did ask for a review by Warriors, before you tried to market your articles - this makes very good business sense.

      If you do re-write the articles, or produce a set of new ones, I would be happy to review them for you (at no cost) before you submit them elsewhere.

      Please pm me Rageki, if and when you are ready to go.

      Jeff Henshaw.
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