iAutoBlog - Anyone making money with this? Please share your experience.

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    Yeah im starting to make money with it but if your looking to become rich overnight it wont happen.
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    There is a area to get feed back on products.


    Happy to help.
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  • Why do people think they can just scrape content and get ranked and make money?

    Wouldn't that be great?

    If you are not a Banker who can print your own money then sell it to the US Government at interest then you will likely actually have to work for a living.

    Auto blogs do not add value to the Internet thus every major search engine will do all they can to never rank them. Only a few deceptive people figure it out and even then it doesn't last.

    However there is a way to use Auto Content to create value for your visitors. After all are Newspapers not just re distributing other information? They sure are Timmy, but they are doing it through Article Syndication.

    So you can create your own syndicated Articles?

    You could create just one blog that pulled in a ton of content (assuming it is not copywrighted) then redistribute that content from there to your own blogs on an as needed basis.

    You have a hub that is not crawled/hidden from Search Engines then pull into your own blogs from there.

    I pull content that ads value... weather, related videos, etc. But I do not waste time created scrape sites. But that's just me. The weather changes all the time and there is little profit in it, but if you work Travel Niches people want to know about it. One example.

    If you can find an Autoblog that is working what you won't find is someone telling you how it works or why or how much money they are making.

    The most sucessful people in Auto Blogging are those who sell scripts to people who think it's going to make them money.

    Selling Shovels to the Gold Rush was profitable, and so is selling auto blog software.

    Seriously... I've been doing this a really really long time, and in that time I've seen maybe a handful of Autoblog Implementations that were working. And they were not crap sites.... they were pretty stellar and clever.
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