Google BLOCK : Will google start offering to block your results ?

by Tcalp
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I was just doing some random searching on Google and came across a Google option I've never seen before (and I spent a lot of time in from of the computer day-to-day). Google gave me the option to 'Block all results from ____ website when I'm signed in to search'.

Which I found pretty interesting, in the sense that I assume that this is one of the new ways Google is going to attempt to get rid of 'spammy' websites. I would assume that on some level this is the 'Google -1', letting google know that a website contains poor content and people don't want to be seeing it (as such overtime it would be down-ranked).

I don't operate a website where I feel this type of thing would happen but, I guess this can maybe spell out a warning for black-hat SEO possibly?

Anyhow I just thought I would mention it, it's the first time I've come across this.

Thoughts Everyone ?
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    I think it's only for you. You can block sites you don't want to see in search results. Otherwise we can all hire guys who will do some nasty stuff with our competition.

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    That and their +1 system may also be steps to shift site ranking from other webmaster links to user votes.

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    Blocking all results from a site is for sites that have different pages ranking like this:

    Result 1 =

    Result 2 =

    result 3 =

    result 4 = a legit other site

    result 5 =

    result 6 =


    Just maybe you want to see other domains pop up instead of just that one site...
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      Originally Posted by brentb View Post

      Blocking all results from a site is for sites that have different pages ranking like this:
      This is the only result out of 10 that I'm seeing from this site and the mouse over clearly seems to indicate that google is asking if I think the site results are irrelevant (assuming spammy).

      While 'yes', it is 'for me' but it's pretty common knowledge that Google collects and builds stats on this type of data. Eg. If I run 'Google Analytics' on my site they will take into account the bounce rate that my website has, as well as time spent, etc.. information they wouldn't otherwise have.

      I'm attaching another image, this time with the mouse over text

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    The way that Google blocking works is that if you click on a search result and hit the back button, Google offers to block results from that site for you in future. That's why you only see it on one URL. Very useful for never having to see, for example, eHow results, and I'm sure if enough people do that, it sends a clear signal to Google.
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    I think its a useful option. I'd love to block those wrongdiagnosis sites and other spammy health sites that constantly appear.
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    The first time I saw that (or noticed it anyway) was two days ago when I tried to click onto a site and it was blocked. That happened several times that day and I haven't noticed it since. Good to know what that was all about.

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      This seems like a good idea in general. However, I do wonder whether there might be any negative implications for legitimate website owners which aren't readily apparent.
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