So-Called Traffic Services... A Right Royal Rip-Off?

by sal64
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I have a site, which has a blog.

I keep getting emails awaiting me ot approve comments posted on said blog.

So far so good...


Technically, the site isn't live. It's a basic version connected to a domain. No sales page, no blog posts... nada.

The comments are dumb-assed and mostly non relevant to anything.

So I can only assume the site is being spammed by providers who offer backlinks to blogs via commenting. Correct?

Perhaps I am naive because I am careful about which services I employ, so who's buying these crap services?

Do people actually check out what they get for their money? Or do they just assume it is value for money?

I mean, why would you pay to have some one post BS comments that link back to your site?

Surely it's counter productive if you come off sounding like an idiot with incoherent comments.

Just wondering, that's all.

Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder.
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    I often wonder about people who seek rankings for pages that aren't focused on conversion.

    If I thought too much about all of the stupid stuff people do with their websites, my head would explode. :p
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      Originally Posted by tpw View Post

      I often wonder about people who seek rankings for pages that aren't focused on conversion.

      If I thought too much about all of the stupid stuff people do with their websites, my head would explode. :p
      Mate, I agree (except the exploding head thing - you might want to wear a full face motorcycle helmet to contain the mess and splatter).

      So some peanut jumps on my blog and comments in words that needs the Enigma code decipher to figure out... apart from perhaps a link, why would it help conversions?

      But even here, my site has no ranking or PR value.
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    I think they have software that goes out and does that too so that is probably what you are seeing the results of. Either way pretty much useless but at least if its just software someone hopefully didn't pay a lot of money for the service.
    Gone Fishing
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    It is a shame ..even if using software to find sites before posting a comment they should read what they are posting to. I have a comment poster software but I refuse to just post non relevant comments on anyone's blog... I read the articles first or at lest enough to make sure my comments relevant to the topic ...

    I get tons of stuff that is completely senseless talking about how my about page was such an inspiration...even when it still says stuff like ipsum isee iputt on it. Very irritating.

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    Simply keep deleting those comments and go about your business.

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    Yeah total fly by night scammers. Don't buy traffic from those guys.
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    I wouldnt accept traffic from them even if it was free. I can't believe anyone would fall for it. I would think even setting up the software to run that would be a waste of time, but then again, there are a lot of people who are way too trusting & might take that chance.
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    There is a lot of this online unfortunately.

    The sad thing is, Google is so smart nowadays that they are very quick to find that a blogs comment theme is unmatched to the blog and containing excess links.

    I am pretty sure that all links are therefore devalued and the whole excersize is nearly pointless.

    These days it is increasingly important to build links in a diverse and very natural fashion.

    Less is more these days when you factor in the time it takes to add a little quality rather than spam out mass amounts of links.
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