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I have a 95% bounce rate on my site. Thats awful. How to Run Faster

What do you guys think is the reason my bounce rate is impressively high?
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    The bounce rate on pages that are either strictly a salespage or squeezepage are always high. The visitor has nowhere to go, except opt-in or buy.
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      E. Brian Rose can you critique my page please?
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      Originally Posted by E. Brian Rose View Post

      The bounce rate on pages that are either strictly a salespage or squeezepage are always high. The visitor has nowhere to go, except opt-in or buy.
      Hopefully that's your problem! After all, it only takes a few seconds to punch in an email address.

      If you've got a site where you need people to surf around, obviously you've got some work to do. In those cases, people aren't finding what they're looking for. It could be a design issue (ie: too hard to navigate, so people just give up). It could be that your site loads too slowly. Or, it could be that your content isn't any good (either just not very informative or silly spelling and grammar mistakes that are making you look bad, so people leave).
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    I think that one of the reasons could be that the people visiting your site are looking for information that they do not want to pay for. As soon as they see the big button asking them to part with their cash they leave your site. Unfortunately there are far too many of these sites around at the moment and people need to be fed a lot of quality information for free before they will consider parting with their hard earned cash.

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    You have to check out different strategies. Like, do a A/B split testing. If its a squeeze page, than 95% bounce rate is abnormal. Just try to optimize your page.
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    Maybe your traffic is crap and untargeted, so the visitor has nearly no intention in reading the content and end up buying.
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    It could be that your traffic is not targeted enough plus the fact you may want to pre-sell the visitor before sending them to your sales page.
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    It's simple, every time someone clicks the "add to cart button" that counts as a bounce.

    Every thime someone lands on your page then clicks back to the search results, that counts as a bounce.

    There are only really 3 options when you land on that page.

    1) click add to cart button - bounce
    2) click back to Google - bounce
    3) fill in contact form - bounce

    A bounce is counted when a visitor leaves the page they landed on by going to another website, without clicking any other page on the site. To lower bounce rate people need to be clicking to other pages on your site.

    If you're not trying to rank the site, then the bounce rate doesn't matter.

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    Because your home page looks like (and is) one big advertisement. Provide something of value for free - even if it's only a bit of useful information - and establish credibility (why should they buy from you?) with visitors before hitting them with a big obvious sales pitch.

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    Sorry, my point 3 may be wrong. When you fill in the contact form on your site you are sent to the "thank you" page, so this may not count as a bounce. It's probably the only think that's stopping you from getting a 100% bounce rate.

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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    your load time for me was really bad - so many graphics etc... might be turning some people off as well, not even sticking around to see whats being said
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    'Creature' nailed it for you.

    Your site is just one big advert. That doesn't work.
    I guess the average time on site is a few seconds yeah?

    You need to review your strategy completely to save yourself
    a lot of heartache. Do people actually search for information on how to
    run faster?

    If they are club runners then won't they have a coach?

    I notice that the exact search "how to run faster" has a good number
    of searches but.....could they be from folks also searching to "make my computer run faster"...just a thought.

    Another thought.....maybe the 'niche' is too broad??

    Maybe you need to specialise into showing distance runners how to go faster, or sprinters or middle distance or cross country etc.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    As said above you need to pre sell you customers. Convince them that they need your product. Sending them to your a blog or article which then directing them to your sales page.

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    I am certainly not an expert, and others have already given you great advice, but what got me was the big "Add to Cart" button at the top of the page. I am actually interested in your product, and would have considered buying it had there been a bit more in the way of free information. If something seems like one big "buy me" pitch most people (especially those with little interest) are going disappear in a puff of smoke.
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      Just an idea, but maybe add some free content that users don't have to pay for.

      It can be a preview of your e-book, which would not only reduce your bounce rate, but also increase your readers trust in you which will hopefully translate to more e-book purchases.

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