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This is my first post on the warrior forum. If I am posting in the wrong section please excuse me.

I have been in the marketing industry for a few years now. I own a company on the east coast and I know a lot about offline and online marketing.


I am now venturing into an area which I am unfamiliar with and I am looking to get some advice. I heard, this might be the place to ask.

I have an idea for a new product I would like to launch. This is not an informational product solely. It would be a digestible product as well as a physical book (or ebook) download. This is in the health niche.

I am looking for information as to the process and procedures (legal and non) about starting my own product line.

I realize this entity will be incorporated to protect myself from lawsuits. I am pretty sure that all products that are consumed do not need FDA approval and that process alone is lengthy in itself.

Any information that you can offer here would be gladly appreciated.

I look forward to becoming a strong member of this community and share my knowledge as well.

Thank You,
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    Hi E.C

    Welcome to the forums we are happy to have you aboard. To answer your question to deal with the digestible product I would recommend doing the following:

    • Get a patent
    • Locate companies that can help you with the creation, legal, and approval process needed to get you off the ground.
    There are hundreds of Inventor sites out there although I personally have no experience with any of them. When it comes to the book it's a bit easier to find a publisher possibly even publishing the book yourself. However you will need to secure a distribution method if it's a physical book. Keep in mind it can be expensive!

    I personally think nothing beats digital distribution, but people will pay more for physical products. I hope you have great success with the product and would be happy to learn how it's coming along.

    Jacob Hargreave at your service...

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      Hi ExecutiveCloser,

      I completely understand your situation. I've written health and diet ebooks that are based upon non-FDA approved methods.

      The most I can say is that if you have a physical product that you are the owner of (not only promoting), you'll have to get a seller's license and take on liability.

      However, if you want to promote a system/ebook, all you will need to include is a disclaimer and a "not typical results" statement.

      My advice is to get your ebook in written form, disclaim it, and then to link it to marketing your product. However, I don't know the legalities of marketing a physical product. I can only attest to marketing an ebook that deals with a health and fitness topic.

      Best of luck,

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