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GRRRR....I spent all weekend tweeking my website, making it better for viewers, adding original content. Before I did this I was getting about 170+ uniques per day and I was on the bottom of page #1 for my keyword (also my .com domain name). I checked today. 58 uniques today and no where to be found. Did I screw up by improving my site? And, if so, what do I do now?

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    Probably just the Google dance. Hang tight and you'll probably like the results.
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    It could be Google moving things around - happens a lot. Give it time - a lot of it.
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    This happens from time to time, especially on new sites, or if you like in your case, if you change things around........ give it some time and it should all go back to normal....
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    Thanks for the encouraging words. I hope "a lot of time" is before the Christmas rush. It's a Christmas site. It's got unique content, I've been slowing building backlinks, done everything by the book.

    It's just been a long Monday and I'm frazzled!
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    Should I continue to build links and add content just like I was doing before?
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    Take a good look whether there is anything that you would not be completely happy to tell Google about.

    It is possible to do SEO in a way that Google approves 100% and if you do it that way you don't have to worry about anything.

    (I am actually thinking about building a plugin that helps with that kind of SEO.)

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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    Yeah its most likely a Google dance. I changed around something on my site when I found it on page one (to target local business.) And the next day it was completely back to page 3.. I was flipping out just as you did. Less than a week later im #1 in my current keyword. Everything will be good enjoy the dance
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    Every time I change any significant things on my websites or my clients, I am almost guaranteed it will upset the search ranking...and therefore affect traffic. Re-visit the issue in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks later. Unless you are now targeting tougher KW's you likely will be back where you were.
    Bruce NewMedia
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    Okay...so I'm less flipping out. What I did was a took 2 full pages on content and images and put them into a clickable table format. Maybe that did it. As far as something I wouldn't tell Google about...nothing. Use Pingler; RSSbot; SocialBot; Ping.FM and onlywire. Have also built some links with Squidoo. That's it. But, I've been doing all of these things all along. Didn't change that.

    So, keep on adding content and bookmarking just like nothing happened?
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    here is your issue from what I can tell based on your OP

    1. If you changed the title tag what so ever this will kill your ranking. Change it back to your old one and you SHOULD see the ranking come right back.

    2. By changing the content on your site you have to be very careful not to change the keyword density on the page.

    this is pretty much all I can tell you without seeing all the direct changes you have made.

    If you like the changes then keep them and work hard on building links to bring your site back up to the position in google it was before.

    --- Work Smart... Not Hard ---

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