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I met a few roadblocks today in setting up my site. Hence i got a several questions that i'd like to have further clarification to.

1. I registered a domain name at Godaddy few weeks ago. The domain was not activated yet. I tried to use a local hosting for the domain, and the domain transfer costs ~10USD.

Is this normal? Or am i getting scammed? 10USD would be like registering another new domain.

2. Keyword research. Again and again i checked, and yet i could not be sure if this keyword is good enough. It has 4400 exact match and below average competition, i believe i can outrank the competitor's site, or at least make it to the first page.
Problem is there is no ads for the keyword. Could it possibly mean that this keyword is a risky one?

3. I've seen people saying that a squeeze page is a must. I can see that it is especially true in niches like MMO, weight loss etc.
What about less desperate niches like, for example a more to entertainment product like game guides? Do squeeze page works just as well?

Thanks to all.
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    Um.. can anyone provide some insights in this?

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    As far as your hosting cost yes it is around $10. There are companies with more and there are companies for less. It is tuff to get started online. Everyone wants your money. They all state free, but as soon as you log in you are prompted to upgrade and that is where you start spending. Be carefull who you give your hard earned money to. I spent a truck load and was very discouraged, but kept at it because I have goals that have to be met. I found Plug In Profits. Sign up is free. You do spend money because you need to grow your business, but you are not throwing your money away. You are growing business plus you have step by step instructions. He shows you how to insert your key phrase and work with back links. Please check out every site information before you invest. I am a Plug In Profit member and I feel good because daily I am advancing and reaching my goal. Click on my signature to find more info. Good luck.
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    Story - Brad here. Sounds like you are in the launch phase of your new career. I would make some general suggestions for you to consider.

    First, align yourself with a program that will walk you through the entire process - as many times as you need to become comfortable.

    I am working with the Chris Farrell Membership program. He has exceptional training and technical support materials. His tech support as well as hosting is free. He is consistently rated number one on The reviews he gets speak for themselves. In fact you might want to see my commentary on a recent "save" he did for me - completely free!

    At any rate, the domain you purchased can be hosted on Chris' site and then you can begin to build squeeze pages, web sites, one or more blogs as well as face book and twitter techniques.

    Chris' staff will provide technical help - there is also a forum and lots of reference tools. Some information is on the internet - but Chris has organized and packaged it so it is useful and relevant to the work we are first doing as newbies.

    His training helps integrate all these different platforms into a logical sequence and relationship. The whole package is free hosting and tech support and training until you feel the training wheels are off.

    I sure will get an affiliate commission if you sign up. But that is exactly what I did when I joined Chris. First, I got great value for my money. Second, the person who recommended Chris to me was appropriately rewarded as well. Remember what goes around comes around.

    This is only one answer to your question - but I strongly suggest a few months with Chris will answer a lot of your questions and put you on the fast track to where ever you choose to go.

    You can always drop me a line on my blog - I would be glad to hear about your progress. If I can help - just let me know.

    Hope you will check it out - my experience was very positive and I have never regretted it in any way.

    Best of luck - Cheers !

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      Hi Chris, there should be no charge for domain transfer so avoid that one. I suggest hostgator, I use them for all of my clients and they are fantastic.

      Keywords. This is a biggie ! Being a somewhat KW expert I have seen so many people over the years pick a KW then proceed to build out the site, spend good time and money getting it to page 1 only to find it's a dud.

      Be creative when researching keywords, think of other terms that mean the same thing and research them as well.

      Here is some advice. Make sure your KW has a good amount of local searches as this is generally a good indicator (one of many) that a keyword has REAL traffic. The big G's tool aint the best when it comes to real numbers.

      I would offer to help you but it's against the WF's T.O.S

      Hope that helps
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    it might be just me but I have always stayed away from keywords that have no one actually advertising on them!

    there have been plenty of people come and go before you and me and plenty of people who make all their online money from exploiting keywords - my thoughts are - if none of them are even bothered about advertising on a KW that has no competition and therefor would be dirt cheap to buy......

    its most likely because there is no money in that particular term!

    could be wrong but thats just my take on it!

    have a great day
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    You can create a squeeze page for basically any niche you want...It is always good to capture the email...

    I make $5,000+ a month online [CLICK HERE] to see how you can do the same starting today!

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