How do i get backlinks form Craigslist?

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Hi Friends,

This is Davis Miller. Can we get backlinks from

Because basically im a craigslist poster if we get a backlinks for craigslist means we can do SEO also. I know seo guys using Craigslist for traffic related work. But my question is simply did we get backlinks from craigslist

Thanks i'm waiting for your response to get started.
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    How can I know for sure if I got my website for world affairs ranked on Craigslist?
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      I don't thing CL is good for SEO jobs especially for getting backlinks. I have seen a lot of people posts on CL only for getting sells. CL is very good for affiliate marketers.
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        Craigslist isnt very useful for getting backlinks, plus you may get your link removed much much sooner.

        Craigslist is good for getting direct traffic to your website.
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    Trying to build backlinks from CL for an SEO purpose isn't going to be very effective. Most postings are gone within 30 days, including any backlinks.

    But CL is a GREAT way to generate leads, which is why you do SEO anyway. But I'd take CL leads over SEO leads any day.
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    You can't get ranked on Craigslist, you might get raked

    I may be wrong but I believe Craigslist automatically makes your links no follow.

    Personally, I wouldn't use Craigslist for any kind of rankings in the search engines...if it happens, great, but would't do it with that being the goal.

    Craigslist is really great for leads, promoting your garage sales and selling stuff....really great.
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    Forget Carigslist. Its a not long term and besides your postings are deleted after 30 days. You should get some good backlinks from other forums and websites.
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      Getting Backlinks From Craigslist Is A BAD IDEA!

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    Put a hyperlink to your site.. But to be honest CL does not count for much in BL but it does in the way of traffic.. I know I Created a Whole Program on this Very subject!!

    Glade I could help..
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    There are lots of people offering this service on Fiverr.

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    In my opinion CL is great for the traffic it can drive but not good for link building. I'm pretty sure they nofollow
    all of the links from Craigslist so the only real value is the traffic. I have never been benefited from CL backlinks,
    however if you have your own products, it can surely bring some sales.
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    Yeah having a backlink from craigslist is good. Its an authority site and when google see's that they will give you more credit.

    Log into your account and go to post to classifieds. Then go to community. then choose general community. Here you can place a hyperlink or your keyword linking back to your website. remember you don't care about the traffic on craigslist as much as you care about the backlink and the authority it provides.

    Works like a charm every time!
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    If i was you i will not count on craiglist .I dont hear anywhere that backlinks from craiglist count for seo and posts dont last more on craiglist so you want to waste your eforts on ore useful links
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    CL is good for traffic and sales.. that's why we do seo and rank our website and generate leads.. BTW you can get backlink from CL resume section and job section..
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