Two VERY simple youtube "tricks"...

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Ok, I go to this website and there's this YT hosted vid. I want to be able to "spy" on this guy + see WHEN the vid was posted, and HOW MANY views he has, and WHERE the views came from (but you can't see that info when you're watching the vid on the person's website.

Here's the trick... WHILE the vid is playing, you can hover your mouse in the upper left hand section of the vid -- when you do, the title of the vid will APPEAR in white type. Click on that, and you will be taken to the vid ON YOUTUBE. There you CAN get all that info I described.

Trick #2, I think everyone knows ----- or do they?? See, this guy I described above is a MARKETER --- and HE (apparently) does NOT know this second trick... Put your website hotlink in your description section on YT. But be sure to pust that FIRST, so it shows up under your vid, even if the viewer does NOT click on the "show more" [button that expands the description section]. Many people do not know how to expand that section, or even that it DOES expand! So, putting you website hotlink FIRST will get you more visitors from your vid.


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    Clarification on Trick #2, if a link is hidden under the show more area, the search engine spiders don't see it because it has to be revealed by some script spiders can't trigger.

    This same hidden from spiders problem also exists in the home page link in some forum profiles.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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      Yep, it goes without saying that the very first thing that goes into your description is your URL. Priceless.

      It's probably worth looking up the trick to get your advert displaying in the video too (cost free), though for some reason it just will not work for me regardless of the fact many people are already doing it!

      I have a weird error display when I confirm the ad setup.
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    TimothyW - Brad here. You are right on. YT has a bunch of traffic attraction techniques that add real value to web pages.

    I like the ability they provide to host and provide a visual component to posting. I do get a lot from reading - but those videos especially on web techniques are very helpful.

    I recently found a program VLC that enables you to speed up MP3 and similar videos. I also just watched a web page sales pitch with a very fast graphic and sound.

    The graphic was eye catching. I honestly think the next step in marketing is "speed watching" on pages. We all skim to some degree. Up until VLC and similar programs we had to just sit and bear the videos until they were done. I can watch many now in 1/2 the time - which converts to being able to watch them twice as much.

    Very useful and for me it improves my retention of the information.

    Do you have any unique software you use to improve video launches?

    Best of luck and thanks for the suggestions.

    Cheers !

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    i haven't noticed it but thanks for sharing, might come in handy
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    Good Post not many people realize the importance of putting your link first in the description box...

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    Yes, it's very important to put your link first. Anyway, thanks for sharing these tips.
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    Hi TimothyW

    Yes it's amazing how we sometimes forget the little tricks which take seconds to implement.

    We consider that everyone knows them, but that's not true. After all at some point we didn't know that.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you so much for the info Timothy...
    i got couple of videos on youtube that no really convert... after i check, i put the URL at the end of the description...
    hopefully, it convert well after making this changes lol :>
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