Backlink building strategy for niche websites?

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I have built around 30 niche websites to review Amazon products. Each website has from 5-6 pages reviewing amazon products. The targeted keywords are product name keywords. Because i will build hundreds of websites like these, I need a cost effective backlink building strategy for my website network. I bought xrumer, senukex, scrapebox, articlemarketingrobot. I really need advise from experts here.

For my testing, linkwheel is the most effective blackhat linkbuilding so far. I decided to use the backlink strategy from the thread Xrchat Xrumer Forums. I will build many social networks pages pointing to my money site. I will spam backlinks created by xrumer, scrapebox after that. Could anyone advise how many social network pages are enough for me to get around 10 unique visitors from search engines after 2 months? Using senukex cost lots of money for captcha solving service. That's why I don't want to use senukex to create so many social networks pages.

I am looking forward for your response.
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    Man you have all that software and are stuck on building backlinks LOL

    I would recommend creating forum links, web 2.0 backlinks, article marketing, member profiles, social bookmarking.

    Man you have everything at your disposal. Just learn how to use the software and you'll be golden
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    It is more about the 'process of link building' then just a bunch of cool software. Make a plan and stick to it each week and you will surely see results.
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      Originally Posted by Steven Miranda View Post

      It is more about the 'process of link building' then just a bunch of cool software. Make a plan and stick to it each week and you will surely see results.
      I have to agree with Steven on this one. Create your own process, it will always work if it is varied and done every week. Nothing wrong with mixing it up just keep it up.
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    My most concern is the captcha solving cost. Xrumer don't need captcha solving service. But senuke does. As my testing, create social network pages pointing to money sites, and spam backlinks the social network pages is the best strategy. Spam backlinks to social network pages don't need captcha solving service. I can do this as many as possible. But creating social network pages is my most concern. It costs me hundreds of dollars monthly if I create thousands of social network pages daily.

    I need to know how many social network pages are enough?
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    • You don't need a ton of backlinks you just need a few high quality backlinks everyday. I've tried every type of backlinking and 95% of what is taught doesn't really have enough of an impact to justify the time consumed.

      Check out this website: authoritylinknetwork dot com
      (I have no affiliation with them)

      I use them exclusively for my backlinking with amazing results.

      Submit 2 articles every 4-5 days for each page your trying to promote.

      Each article can have 3 links and promote 3 pages at a time.

      Each article will run for 3 days with 1-2 day off before you start building again.

      This will give you the best results.
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    Try to keep quality content on niche sites and create buffer sites. Then make more tier 2 links to buffer sites. That's the safest way after panda updates.

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    Look for quality backlinks and make sure you create a plan of attack. Try to get some diversity in your backlink campaigns.
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    Forum participation is a good way of creating backlink and driving traffic to your website. Other methods that i would recommend is blog guesting, blog commenting, article marketing and social bookmarking.
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