Facebook Account Is Full, Need Help Please

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I have a Facebook question that I'm hoping some of our experts can help me with.

Here's the situation:

1. I have friend who has a FB account that has 5000 friends so it has reached its maximum capacity

2. He keeps receiving 'Friend Requests' on a daily basis, but has no method of letting these people know that his account cannot accept any more friends.

My question is:

How can he let people know (several each day) who want him to "friend" them, that all available friend places are full?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Warmest regards,

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    There is two options , he can make a fan page,and let them to like his page, or make new but same profile and tell him to add this new profile..
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    Better ask him to open a fanpage, and ask their subscribers to like that page. He can message them privately when the friend request comes in. Yes, it is manual- but thats the only way right now :-(

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      Thanks. It's me. We have a Fanpage, but as you've pointed out, messaging dozens of people daily on each site directing them to the Fanpage is a pain. I was hoping for some Facebook "redirect" system.
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    I would suggest he create a fan page instead.
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      Your friend can now add a Subscribe button to his profile https://www.facebook.com/about/subscribe
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        Man, I love when Warriors get down and do their thing!

        My friend is Chris, he replied above. I'm so grateful for all the fantastic feedback, it's helping chris and hopefully anyone else who comes accross this thread.

        Keep the suggestins coming and thank you.
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          I would not convert the profile page to a fan page.
          I would just add the subscribe option.

          Profile pages get more viral visitors than fan pages.
          I would be worried that once changed to a fan page you would not receive as many new requests per day
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    Since you have a fan page now, what you can do is have a profile picture saying that your personal page is maxed out. I don't recommend you send out multiple emails of the same message. FB can kill your personal acct for that. I know someone who was sending around 20 emails a day telling them to head to the fan page. He lost his acct this way and had to start from scratch. Best way is to link your personal profile to your fan page, say it in your about me have a good call to action and edit your picture saying you're maxed out.
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    You can convert your profile to a page which carries over the friends but not the content. You can start on this page: Create a Page | Facebook
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    Make sure that your profile is public (at least the info tab!) That way you can leave a message "My profile is full but you can subscribe to follow me or fan my page" Leave link to page too. If you do it this way, people coming to the page will land on the info tab and be able to see that they are at capacity for friends. This allows them another option to follow. Hope that makes sense and helps!
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    Is Zukerberg watching this thread? I think this may be problem of some other people also. As 5000 can be very less sometime.
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    I have two options available for you.
    1. You can create a fan page and have them like and write you via wall post
    2. You can unlock your page so that anyone can see the information on the page and create a status stating that you are unable to accept anymore friend requests. also if the page is not locked they are able to send you messages and you can reply to them.
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    Thanks to all. Great ideas!
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    What do you have to look out for so that facebook doesn't shut your account down?
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    It's hard to know what Facebook will do.
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    I would ranther suggest you to create a page on this profile.then post update on your profile "My profile is full but you can like my page+Page URL"
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    holy crap thats a lot of friends
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    make a second account
    does he really know all that 5000 people?
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