can i beat an authority site in my niche.

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I am decided to launch my first micro niche website.i searched on Google with my niche keyword to find out the competition.there is less competetion.but the problem is that #1 position of google search result is goes to an online store(like AMAZON.COM.but it is not big as amazon) of my niche product.Can I beat this site?
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    posseble but not likely unless you got a team and a couple of years dont count on it

    of course dis depend manly on his back links how many and wich pagerank they have if the major back links page link is 3 like it would be possible but icant say for sure it depents on the site
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      Backlinks, backlinks, more backlinks my friend. Comment on blogs, forums, and submit your articles to article directories. Don't pay attention to the competition. Pick your keywords and stick to them, have a plan of attack. Make sure your articles have some of the keywords in the title and anchor text but not too spammy. Make it look natural.
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    Agree with laptopwarmonmylap. Try using SEO Quake or something similar to assess the entire first page of Google - then you can tell at a glance what the competition is like. You can then outsource back link creation with your favourite outsourcing site
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    While I believe the simple answer is; "Yes."

    You may consider 'other' methods to generate targeted prospects to your micro site. Any focus you place on SEO can be of great benefit, but, you should also 'keep in mind' that what works today to impress the "Almighty G" could change in a heartbeat, should they implement another algorithm update.

    Search this forum for article syndication for example, and you'll find there are several successful people here who "DO NOT" rely solely on SEO to create residual income streams through laser targeted traffic.

    With that said, you can generate 'unlimited' income streams without having to rely on obtaining the #1 position.

    Be it personal preference, the option remains to rely on "G" or find other means to secure your success in any niche.

    If you're a WP user, the "All-In-One" plugin is great.

    All the Best,

    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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      As a user, when you are using the search box for a product or service, you tend to click the first five or first three before you make your selection. Its not important to rank first in the search results but to find the USP of your product/service that can beat your competitors and can drive conversion. Social networking and classified ads can help you drive niche traffic.

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    If I see amazon, target, Walmart in the top 10 keywords I go for it! Those websites are not optimizing for that keyword term like let's a small eCommerce business would. I have dominated keywords with those companies on the top.
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    They key to remember is the reward is directly proportional to the amount of work done. If you go after an easy niche with low competition keywords you are never going to make as much money as you would going after a high competition keyword with tons of traffic. You can out rank any webpage if you are willing to work at it. I have multiple websites in the auto industry niche and I out rank major manufacturers for super high traffic keywords with 50+ million competing pages and I did it without a huge seo budget or black hat. It just takes time and steady work.
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      What I like to do when competing against a high authority site is to get my link with anchor text on there site Even if I have to buy and write a review. It's different for every site obviously, but I find this helps move you up a little quicker.

      Also,yes it is very possible to outrank them. Wthout knowing specific details I cant say how hard it will be or how long it will take. If you want PM me and I'll give you some pointers.

      Order a 10-20-or 30 second, custom 3d sales animation video today!

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      I am outranking Amazon for a competitive KW with about 34 (tier one) links to my site. The more the Panda updates come, the better I rank. The key as others have said is RELEVANCY.

      1. H1, H2, H3 tags w/ Keyword
      2. Posts of over 700 words
      3. Keyword in alt text of images
      4. Keyword in image filenames
      5. text decoration in KWs a few times in the post
      6. no directly traceable afflinks (redirection plugin works great for me)
      7. LSI keywords all over your post
      8. authority linkout to wiki or something in the middle of your post
      9. actual helpful information in your content
      10. High quality links on the first tier of your link structure
      11. medium quality links on tier 2
      12. whatever you want on tier 3
      13. Rss the bejesus out of everything
      14. social links to homepage
      15. facebook fan page with the like button on your home page
      16. Aged domain (more important than EMD) IMHO

      You should outrank any other site even if they have all in title.. if not, strengthen your tier one... The new panda loves doc sharing sites and YT, and if you can get some high pr blog network links, that is the closest thing to secret sauce I have seen, at least with Panda 2.0 and 2.5.

      Just my 2cents, it works for me almost every time.
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        Call me lazy, but I don't try to "beat" them. Just hitch a ride on as many authority sites as you can and get some of that traffic direct either from relevant ads or articles.
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