Handing Out Flyers That Promotes My Sales Page

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How effective is this? I'm planning to to this. Not only handing them out, but also put them in mail boxes etc.

I have to create a exciting theme, and I will describe the product very clear.

I will put the URL in the centre of the flyer with big, bold letters.
I'm also going to have a QR-code on the flyer that links to my sales page!

Do you have any ideas for this?
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    Well you can do this but it is very time consuming and often people stay away from people doing stuff like this. I know someone who even got banned from 3 malls where I'm from just doing this. As for the mailbox part, I that's illegal. If you get caught, that would definitely be a problem. You can hand out flyers but it isn't as effective. What you can try doing is to promote whatever it is you're trying to promote online. In social media. Have a fan page and a twitter account and share what you have to share.
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      Originally Posted by TheZafraGroup View Post

      As for the mailbox part, I that's illegal. If you get caught, that would definitely be a problem.
      It's legal here!
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    I've never tried flyers for IM, but overall I think it's a technique that's no longer very effective. I've hung up flyers for local events and I find that people either don't read them or they get taken down quickly. There's just too much paper everywhere, and people are conditioned to ignore it. Additionally, most public bulletin boards are so full that you can hardly see anything -and if you tack something up, someone else will soon cover it with another flyer.
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    While I've never personally tried this I will mention that there are gigs on Fiverr for people that will hand out flyers around their school/neighbourhood. This can be a great way to extend your reach.

    Best of luck!
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    To be honest I can't say that I've done it, but I've heard that you get much better response rates if you hand someone the flier instead of just put it on their car, mailbox, etc.

    It has to do with the whole personalization thing. Just a flier isn't personal at all, but if you hand it to em with a smile that makes a big difference.
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      If you personally hand your marketing flyer to people it will increase your readership to almost 100%. Think about it when was the last time someone handed you a flyer and you didn't at least read it to see what it said, so if you want to make sure your message is read then you need to personally hand them to people.

      Also, I would suggest taking your flyer and shrinking it down and turning it into a postcard sign ad and this way it's easier for people to save it in their pocket or purse.

      Just my 2 cent and I hope it helps.

      All the best,

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    what is your sales page ?
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    I've spoken to successful business people who have tried this when they first got started. From all accounts it NEVER worked. The problem is your are casting a net that is too wide. You want to be the welcomed guest, NOT the unwelcome pest.

    If you want to do something like this, I would pick a niche and then target those businesses.

    You've also made a mistake if you have a "thing" and now you need to find people to sell the "thing" to.

    You're better off finding what people want, create the thing and THEN sell it to them.

    Hope this helps
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    You will never know whether it works or not until you have test it. I have understood from this forum that marketing is all about testing and tracking conversions.

    For me personally, I have received many flyers but I have never really paid attention to it. Just my own personal opinion, I think it is not as effective as before.

    Since you are prepared to invest the money into printing the flyer, why don't you try to advertise in newspapers or in magazines which is related to the product you are selling. It might cost more but I think the leads will be more targeted too.

    Hope my humble contribution is useful to you


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      Martin has the right idea about a postcard. But if you place an ad (especially a money making program) on one of the 100 dollar bill notes, people will pick it up and read it, guaranteed. Al

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